Friday, October 5, 2012

Veranda doors - before

    The holidays have been a flurry of activity on a number of fronts, which has left little time to blog amongst other things. I've even visited Pinterest only once, which is not a bad thing with it's all too perfect pics to entice and unsettle a usually content mind. We've even found ourselves totally childless for three days and nights! (our idea of the perfect holiday, ha)
So here's the post to carry on from the last one, two weeks ago.
Below is the true before of the front veranda doors, in all their shabbiness. One side had been roughly replaced with a louvered panel, which Mr CH temporarily changed with a scrap piece of plywood.

Removing the doors.

Old school style - screwdriver + flat head nails (his favourite-not)

From above the door.

The goal is to re-use these doors. Replacing them would involve scouring demo yards for something to be modified and making new doors from scratch would be more costly than patching them up.

Couldn't get any grosser than that!

Mr CH using the impact driver to remove the screws from the old bolt lock which had disappeared.

Ready for me to strip with a chisel and heat gun.

The old metal runner strip for the sliding windows has also been roughly stripped back with the heat gun.
Each bank of three windows on the veranda has a middle sliding window which has bearings inside it's base. This allows the window to slide open on these strips.
The doors are coming along well which I'll show next time.

Cushion how to for Kylie who was interested
I feel a little strange showing this as I am (as good as) a non sewer and I think there are countless versions out there somewhere. I think they call them envelope cushions, don't remember where I saw this (years ago) and don't know if this is the right way to make them but it worked good enough for me. For a petite 35cm cushion for our petite lounges in our petite room.
cushion back (with my wonky sewing)

Rough pattern for the 35cm inserts I used.
 I made them a tight fit and it seemed to work fine. 35cm x35cm panel for the front and two 35cmx 25cm panels for the back, hem one side (35cm) of each of the back panels for the opening. Lay and pin the back panels to the front panel (overlapping) wrong sides facing and sew around the outside edges. Does that make sense?
Done, nice and easy enough to make lots.

I've spent my spare time during the past few days planting seeds and seedlings and making a little spot for a new herb garden in the middle of the vege patch (that is expanding gradually thanks to the new rotary hoe) At the moment the herbs are scattered all over the place out the front.
I'd made one at my parent's house 20 years ago and Mum told me to take the bricks as the plants had long gone. Now that Mr CH has finally decided where and how big he wants his new shed (that he is going to build himself) and pegged out the boundaries, I can somewhat plan where I want new garden beds. As the kids don't seem to kick so many balls/ride bikes at home these days and as mowing is usually my job, I'm claiming some of the back yard and will reduce the grass. I would love a separate herb garden, but this will do I think. To be expanded out to the wood strips lying on the ground and fenced with random bits, eventually.
(proof Mr CH only photographs my backside)

Now I just need to plant it up. I would love to have a sundial in the middle, one day...

Start with a gross pic, finish with a pretty one.
 The Petrea is looking pretty at the moment, a good shower of rain wouldn't hurt though.
Hoping everyone has a lovely weekend.
'til next time...


  1. And yet Simmone, there's something about those doors in their original state that's pretty special, I reckon. I'm glad you guys are going to fix them and put them back again (even though it looks like alot of hard yakka)
    Thanks so much for the cushion tute I am going to follow your instructions and try to make one before the weekends out (nothing wonky about your stitchin btw) - I'll show you wonky! Ha!
    Nice plumber's crack Simmone(ha!) have a lovely weekend x

  2. It’s hard to find knowledgeable people on this topic, but you sound like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks for sharing this with others.
    home plans

  3. Love the brick circle! So many planting possibilities, keep us posted! :)

  4. Garden looks great! I love the brick circle too. Your cushion is great! I can barely sew on a button so you have impressed me. Last shot of the Petrea is very pretty.x

  5. Doors, herb garden, bricks, and Petrea...aren't you the busy couple. Of course we already knew that. I So love your brick circle...and my husband always clicks when I am mid-sentence...about as flattering as a backside...WAS there plummer's crack?!


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