Friday, September 21, 2012

Reno Cottage veranda - before.

Thought I would use a pic of pretty florals to lull you into a post of gross. Did it work?
Made a few chirpy cushion covers as I'm all spring inspired lately. Someone had given me some inserts and stuffing and thought I should use some of that opped fabric, so I made a few of those zip-less "envelope" cushion covers. Great for a non-sewer like me, actually 'mazed myself, no unpicking. Got me enthused enough to make a tote bag as well, which I'll show another time if you're vaguely interested.

So, what are the thumbs up for? Mr CH's favorite demolishing of course, this time it's the veranda's turn. In order to fix/rebuild the awnings they had to come down. Luckily, we live in a noisy neighbourhood where everyone is renovating/extending/improving/woodworking.

Pulling anything down isn't always straight forward with these old houses, it has something to do with those 2 or 3 inch nails in everything. Lots of hammering!!!!

Thought I might include a few shabby before photos of what needs to be fixed.
The stairs.
Before someone falls through them.

The front doors before they fall off.

And the awnings before they rust away and fall down through a window or six.

There has been lots of paint stripping - on the posts. Ah the smell of melting paint in the morning.

We've decided to make the new wooden brackets from scratch to save 50 odd dollars each. As the brackets only need to support one wood batten, one steel batten (on the lower edge) and roofing tin, Mr CH cut ripped (apparently that's what you say) treated framing studs in half for the bracket frame. We also chose to cut our own fretwork from scrap lightweight marine plywood.  After a few sketches the patterns are getting cut out bit by bit with the trusty scroll saw. Much easier than a jigsaw as you can cut finer details.

Mr CH gets the cutting and I get the painting.

After the awning on one side was removed the front wall underneath could be given it's two coats of green.
As you can see, a few days later Mr CH thought he would tackle the awning above the door, leaving the rest as rain protection for as long as possible.

Had to include this pic just for the smirk of satisfaction on his face. I'm sure he isn't the only male to enjoy pulling things apart.

Next post I'll show the work on the veranda doors. which we will be trying to patch and save, in spite of their tragic appearance.
Before I go, I thought that, seeing as though these couple of songs have been stuck in my head for weeks, they my as well be stuck in yours too!
The first a mesmerizing live performance by Aussie singer Jade Diary at The Ellington Jazz Club in Perth from June 2012. This is not the usual 'bounce off the walls" kind of music I like, but I found myself humming the tune after I heard it on the radio, as much for the meaning of the words as for her beautiful voice.

Loving this one as well, off the new album which debuted at no 1 on the US billboard in the first week in Sept!

After my "dump and run" post last time, I'm off to visit my favy blogs.
Hope you all have a lovely weekend, as of now, we are on two weeks school holidays,Yay!


  1. I really admire your dedication to your Reno! Can't wait to see the end result!

  2. Bare feet again! It's a wonder your husband hasn't trod on one of those dirty great nails you write about Simmone! You guys are so clever to make your own fretwork. Too much to fret over for me. Love your cushions. How did you avoid zips? When you've got time, please share x

  3. I can't believe you made the fretwork. Always impressed with your work! You two are the real deal that's for sure! xx

  4. Love the cushions. It sure is a renovators delight over there! I agree with brismod, those awning fret works are fabulous. Mel x

  5. Clever thinking on the make your own brackets. Yes there is something so satisfying about demolition work.{enjoyed the thumbs up pic} Its a good way to let out some stream. Exact does not matter unlike everything else.

  6. Love the cushions! I was just looking at your wardrobe renovation post. I have just done up two wardrobes the ssame as it. I painted them white and painted numbers on them. I'm posting photos today.
    Beth x

  7. Ah yes, the smell of burning paint ... Takes me back. Well you have certainly taken on some mammoth tasks there! We made brackets for our house too, years ago, unfortunately with a jigsaw, so they are a bit wonky! But we don't mind. Yours are very impressive, love the design. I have so many projects in mind here, but now the weather is heating up I think I will be slowing down ...

  8. Love your cushions! There's always so much going on at your place in the way of work/renovations - I love seeing the progress :)


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