Thursday, August 9, 2012

Phineas and Ferb birthday cake.

After three months off from family birthday celebrations, we are again at the beginning of nine months in a row of birthdays (including a few double bday months). Thankfully I won't be making many of the cakes. Number 3 son loves the cartoon of Phineas and Ferb (even the fridge has been Phin and Ferbed) so I thought I would try make them for his birthday cake.
So purely as a research endeavour, I sat through a few shows, no wonder he likes them. Not only do they take delight in annoying their older sister Candace (Ashley Tisdale-Aliens in the Attic), but they like to build anything that takes their fancy, how about a giant skipping robot or a space portal to Mars. Throw in a villain or two, some bollywood dancing, a few celebrities and pet Perry the platypus (who is really a spy working for the OWCA-organisation without a cool acronym) and I know why homework is a dirty word!
Really enjoyed making this cake!

Warning - dodgy photos ahead.


 His head was the hardest part.He looks a bit like a body builder with those sleeves.

Perry the secret agent

 Birthdays are all about being goofy, so the day started with taking pics on his new toy learning tool.

It's a boy thing! Needless to say they had a ball doing this.

Trust the grandparents to give him some Toxic Waste!
(Which was made in Pakistan, distributed by the U.S, bought in the U.K and flown to Oz, seems no-one likes toxic waste!)
 We joked "if he was exposed to too much toxic waste, he would turn into the Hulk", he said "cool!, oh no, he has anger management issues", lol.

 Party table trick from no.2 son.
 Riddle - How to remove the ten cent coin without touching the matchsticks?
 Take an empty matchbox, drill hole to stand one matchstick up, balance another matchstick against the upright matchstick (red ends together), light and see what happens.

Have a great weekend everyone, loving this sunshine!


  1. Gosh you're clever Simmone. A cake decorator extraordinaire! Homework is a dirty word here too btw x

  2. Great cake - your boys are so lucky that you go to this much trouble. Hope he had a great day. xx

  3. Wow, your cakes are always amazing!! Perry is my fav in the cartoon, he looks so cute on the cake.

    Happy birthday #3.

    I daren't show Kade that party trick, I am sure he would burn the house down!

    Enjoy the weekend, Tam x

  4. That's an amazing cake! Best wishes to your number 3 son too. xx

  5. Love the cake super mum! Salutations to #3!

  6. That is an awesome cake, you always produce some amazing construction! Can see why you enjoyed the 3 month hiatus though. melx


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