Thursday, August 30, 2012

Painting, azaleas and Little Miss Muffet.

 Seems the painting of all the fiddly bits falls into my job lot, while Mr CH get to concentrate on the Real work. I get the slow painting of never ending pieces, while He gets to knock down walls and rebuild in one day! As most pieces in this house either need replacing or a total referb, sometimes I think that I have already painted everything only to keep Him waiting for the important piece. Are we done yet?

The undercoating of the second bedroom (formerly the living/lounge) has been finally finished by me, hand painted while Mr CH was off at work. This room was in pretty bad condition. The past white ant damage (we think) that probably resulted in the replacement of the original vj wall with fibro (outer facing wall), meant that sanding was limited (asbestos). This wall is quite bumpy  (esp. on the lower panels either side of the window) with layers of paint, that no one before us probably wanted to sand either.  Just a case of doing the best with what you have. After all the nutters that have lived in this house, we were amazed there were no cracks in the fibro wall.

Done and waiting for the top coats.

Window sill on outer facing wall.

Painting the doors is also my job, as I'm pretty useless at anything other than sanding and painting oh, and holding a tape measure. Love the handles on these old doors, 1920's I think and I am just going to scrape and rub them down with turps. If this door was in my house I would love to leave it distressed too. Bit like me!
This is the door from the front bedroom that is now the living/lounge room, must have been a girl's room. The new dining room had blue paint underneath, must have been the boy's room.

The windows are coming along well, three coats of paint per side = six days of painting per window. But definitely worth it. Hate to imagine how much it would cost for someone else to fix them.

Sometimes I use masking tape to make painting quicker, depends how rusty the finger joints are.

These turned bits are from an old chair back, that we found under the house in the original clean-up. I wanted to recycle them into something to add a little bit of visual interest to a very basic cottage, you'll have to wait to see the finished result another time, after the floor sanding and polishing (a little way off yet)

This is what they looked like before when I sanded the old cracked varnish off. As you might know moulding and decorative bits can be expensive to buy new.

We bought two lights for the living/dining rooms back when we were still working on the kitchen and they have sat around for a while now. Mr CH hung them up on hooks for a sneaky peek, yet to be wired in, but it feels like progress. You know how it is and the floors have yet to be sanded, priorities, right! We both liked the wrought iron look though I'm not to sure about the shades. They were on special for $89 each, 40% off, so they'll do.
Mr CH got a new toy, a rotary hoe!
One of those "in the right place at the right time" moments. We have needed a few new gardens digging up and the soil in the other gardens has been so compacted after two very wet summers. Neither of us felt like digging every garden bed the old-fashioned way and had thought about hiring a digger for a day. Found one marked down in a hardware shop as it was the display model, then the fellow thought the switch had come adrift and Mr CH said that he could probably fix it (trade qual.) so the fellow knocked the price down another $70. So we bought a $470 toy for $150, yay! Got it home and it started first go, wasn't broken, so easy to use. So someone has been widening some garden beds and expanding our rather pathetic vege patch to make way for the new tomatoes.

 The tomatoes I bought this morning on an emergency dash to town, because the littlest son told me yesterday that he needed a costume for school. He had to go as something beginning with i and he'd picked Iron Man! What the!!! I don't know about anyone else, but by the time you get to child no.4 dress up costumes are a thing of the past, A distant unpleasant memory to be avoided at all cost. After tossing and turning in sleep, mentally fabricating an Oscar winning Iron Man costume from the only half empty cereal box in the house, he is going as Iron Man from the head up!  And this from a school that has recently removed art from the curriculum so the government teaching demands can be met. Groan,groan!!
Found this pic, of one of daughter's costumes, hers were easy. Little Miss Muffet with her vintage apron and pom-pom spider. This wouldn't cut it these days.

She also wore my Alice in wonderland outfit, ah recycling.My poor mother remembers this time, I lost a brand new pair of Mary Jane style shoes at school the day before and had to wear sand shoes instead. That was in the day when getting a new pair of shoes was a big deal.

Why not make this post a little more random.
 Azaleas, we have eight (some doubles from layering) and they are almost the only thing in flower in our garden at the moment so I thought I would share a few pics to finish a rather long winded post.
Kurume variety I think as they have small flowers in great quantity. An old lady stops to admire them as she walks to town sometimes.
A single and double

Orange delight, this one flowers all year round and has been in the ground about five years. The flowers have a few spots as I was late in spraying them. I use Mancozeb Plus a few times before and during flowering

Alphonse Anderson has only been in since last winter, but still managed a few pretty flowers.
Azalea indica - Splendens a pretty coral pink, love this one.
Still waiting on two more neglected ones Sweet Nellie- hot pink and Exquisite- pinky white, maybe next year.
Looking forward to spring, how is your garden growing, this late winter time?


  1. I love a good random, rambling post like this one Simmone. You made a perfect Alice, even wearing sand shoes.

  2. I love a good rambling post too. Mine boy refused to dress up for book week and went in his sports uniform, no complaints from me! The painting progress is great, I too hate all those fiddly windows but so worth it. I did get your comment about the fabric btw but then I completely forgot to reply to you. Can you believe it then turned up in the oppy? Amazing. melx

  3. Love the pics of you and your daughter! Both beautiful - and as Kylie said - even with your runners on.
    I could've Express Posted an Iron Man suit to you - he is back in flavour round here, revived from the bottom of the costume box thanks to The Avengers movie.
    The garden looks amazing! We're hoping for abit more sun down here to kick start some Spring growth in our garden. xx

  4. Your hard work is paying off, it is looking great. ;-)

  5. House is looking great, and I love the azaleas! When I was in the middle of painting my last house, I swore I would never touch another paintbrush again. But now to spend a few hours away from the kids quietly painting away seems like bliss! xx

  6. Your flowers are beautiful and I adore the leadlight windows..xx

  7. Yes, yes...he gets the fun kinda therapeutic work of knocking things out, and actually accomplishing things and I am left painting annoying things that need several coats of paint. That was our life for about 2 years. Like your enthusiasm over your son's costume...yeah kid number 4 gets nothing fancy that is for sure...but the baby is always spoiled rotten regardless... so you can't feel too guilty.
    Nice catching up on CHC.

  8. I must say your house floor sanding and polishing is too good.Even I want my house flooring same as it.It gives a stylish and extraordinary look to our house.

  9. Hello Simmone,

    Thanks for dropping by last week and leaving a sweet note's allowed me to discover your wonderful bloggy goodness as you renovate your house into a home.

    Lou xo


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