Monday, August 20, 2012

Painting and other tedious jobs...

 It's been so long since I posted about reno work, that I had to have a quick squiz at the blog to remind myself what pics I was up to. Week after week of painted walls and it all starts to look the same and you wonder if there is any progress at all. (I never look back at what I've written in the past because it makes me cringe)
Though I love the peeling of painter sheets being removed finally. Have heard it said that, when removing tape, you should heat it with a hair dryer and it will pull away easily (wonder if it makes any difference?). Haven't tried this ourselves as we are quite keen to pull down the sheets before the paint has barely dried.

Love a clean glossy ceiling - done once and for all!

Dining room

 Don't love coming back after a lunch break to find the masking tape sticking to the floor rather than the walls! (after the first coat only)

The second coat makes all the difference.

You know you're getting old, when that grey haired painter is your husband!

As there were no obliging kids to take a few pics of Mum and Dad nailing up the picture rails, this is all there is to see - finished picture rails painted and nailed into place.

As we have the join of the vj panelled boards at dado height (the wall on the left, that we moved and rebuilt), we are using a thin cut moulding board (9mm) to cover the gap - old single skinned  bracing style. We couldn't use a  thicker board as the front door is too close to the wall.

Lounge to bed 2 wall
Cutting the board at an angle to fit against the curve of the corner quad.

Holding the door moulding in place to measure the length of said board for me to paint.

 The closest I've come to falling off a ladder, saved myself but not the paint pot. Luckily it was only the dregs. I just didn't want it to soak in between the floorboards. Unlike Mr CH who doesn't like heights, I tend to be rather cavalier on ladders (seem to spend an awful lot of time up them)

 All better.

 A non - reno paint job.
Before, a letter holder Mr CH made me years ago needed a freshen up.
 It sits in the kitchen to hold school newsletters and pretty postcards from the Gypsy Sister's travels.

Some Americana "french grey blue" craft paint, a pretty piece of scrapbooking paper and some matt clear coat spray and I think it looks much better. What else can I find .....?

And finally, we have a qualified mechanic in the family!
No. 3 son has finished his apprenticeship and is still only eighteen, eek!
Thanks to a part time automotive course while still at school, he has managed to finish in 3 years and has wasted no time in buying a few (2) bombs to sit in the backyard forever fix up. Groan, groan...

Just a note to say hello to my new followers and also to say thanks to everyone who has left comments both on the blog and via email. I'm not quite sure about blogging etiquette and didn't expect people to take the extra time to reply personally, so thankyou very much, I read them all.

 Hope you all have a lovely week, there seems to be a hint of summer in the air already.


  1. Reno cottage looking fab Simmone. You two are such perfectionists and it shows! Considering how clumsy I am I've done quite well with paint tins balanced precariously atop ladders (especially since Anthony always buys those massive 10L tins!) only one big spillage in five houses.
    Congratulations to your son. His achievement is truly impressive. Great to see kids working hard. My eldest daughter is the same, she goes to Uni and has an internship at a big accounting firm, she sometimes works 12 hour days, all for peanuts. Hope they look after us when we're old and doddery X

  2. Looking fantastic as always. I must say this all the time when I visit your blog, but I'm always in awe at how much work you guys do. Bummer about the paint spill, better the paint than you! Well done to your son #3 too xx.

  3. You guys are the paint masters no doubt!
    Great re-do project too.
    You must be thrilled at all the money you guys will save by having one of your offspring being a mechanic.
    It will make up for years of automotive lawn furniture in your backyard.


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