Friday, August 24, 2012

$10 bought me...

..a pretty blue vintage sheet,
a crocheted lap rug,
a rosey doiley,
a Johnson (of Australia) plate,
 a mixing bowl,
and a lovely little Aladdin (made in the US of A) drink flask, from two different oppy's.
So love the floral sheet and would happily use it for a bedroom curtain if I had more of the same, unfortunately my photos don't do the colour justice.

Sometimes, when all we seem to do are the large reno jobs like sanding floors or painting a whole room, it's nice to do something small for instant gratification (for me anyway). This little cupboard in our bedroom was in need of a freshen-up, while I liked the blue, I didn't like the brown knob or the brown top. The fabric panel is a left-over piece from a dress that my Mum made for my Sister in the late '70's.

 So I painted it with the same colour I used on the little cane table here. If you're like me and tend to un-screw and re-screw a shelf, etc. from the wall without Hubby's help, you may like to try penciling in a little corner mark on the side no one will see and a flat line on top of the other side. So when you line up the top with the pencil marks, finding the screw holes will be easy peasy.

 Freebies from my Mum this week included a rosey tin from 1988 and two teapots that belonged to my Nana. Pity I am running out of display spots.

The pretty green sheets were another oppy find by me this week and I would happily use these for bedroom curtains too (yes, I'm keen to get new/old curtains) However these are in great condition and are destined for a boy's bed. Yes I do use vintage floral sheets on the boy's beds sometimes (only green or yellow ones) and they don't even bat an eyelid.

Also found a cloth with appliqued flowers, gently faded with the daintiest blanket stitching. My hand embroidered finds aways make me think of the previous owners stitching in a quiet moment for pleasure as much as necessity.

Mr CH has spent the last few nights installing a router for the computers (that had to come from USA), the kiddo's have been using too much of our computer time watching TV shows and youtube. Now they have a time limit per day, after they have used up their allotted time, internet stops . Now we just need one of those things that shuts off the hot water to the shower!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. What a superb pile of finds you have there. I had that exact flask as a kid. Love the makeover colour- looks gorgeous. And the paintjob is coming along very nicely too. melx

  2. Yes, I am a fan of that green on your cupboard. I'm sure to be using it somewhere on our house. xx

  3. I love the little cupboard in green and that Liberty(?) print you've hung from its door Simmone. All of your oppy finds are lovely and I think it's great your boys sleep on floral sheets, after all, they'll probs have to when they marry/live with their girlfriends. Ha!
    I also love that minty green candlewick bedspread I spy in one of your pics x

  4. Such gorgeous finds. Loving them all. Lucky you! x

  5. You always find the best stuff at op shops - and so well priced too! I adore the Johnson plate. The little cabinet looks so great with its new lick of paint! x


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