Tuesday, July 10, 2012

More brown paint.

 Well, I had entertained the thought of blogging a little bit more often, but I guess that thought left the brain almost as quickly as it entered. Where did the past few weeks go? Well, here are the few pics I meant to post 3 weeks ago. Living/lounge painting done (2 coats).

We are adding a picture rail to visually lower the high ceilings and make the room appear wider than it is. The rail and above will be white.

Mr CH decided to try that new-fangled drop-sheet/masking tape stuff to tape off the walls so we could spray the ceilings two coats of white. He started taping while I was off feeding kids (who think pkt noodles are food!)

I came back to discarded sheets and him spitting chips! Seems this stuff doesn't like sticking to gloss walls. No sooner do you get around the room when it starts dropping off the walls and sticking to the floor. Sticks well to a dirty floor.

  Got it sorted in the end!

Taping a line for the picture rail. We decided to leave the living/lounge light position where it was, to one side (cos it was one less thing to do!).

 Before I go, do you like this plant (two weeks ago in the sun)

 Today in the rain -tetradenia riparia , iboza riparia or the misty plume bush. An awkwardly growing small shrub, tends to lean towards the sun and smells strongly a bit like Chinese five spice, pretty flowers though. An hallucinogenic herb apparently (if you smoke it!). This one has been in the ground about two years and is 1.5 mts tall.

Until next time....


  1. Oh my gosh! So they're not flowers on that bush, they're rain drops. Wow. It's always nice to read your psots and check out your progress on the reno cottage whenever you find time to post Simmone. I love the pic of Mr CH with taped mouth. I wonder what he was saying??? Ha-ha!

  2. That is a pretty bush, and I love the smell of Chinese 5 spice - but don't think I'd like to smoke it!! I love the colour you chose for the walls, and cant wait to see the room finished with the picture rails. Thank you for your kind words :)

  3. Gosh you're making good progress. We removed the picture rail in our lounge room to make the room look taller...but it was mainly because it was really crooked and we couldnt bear it. xx

  4. Hi Simmone,
    Your poor hubby - love the pics of him! He's doing a great job though! Thanks for pointing out that my boatshed was in the Wattyl brochure.
    Beth x

  5. The room is coming along spiffingly. Looking forward to seeing it finished.

    Mental note: must keep tape handy as has a wonderful husband use. Ha!

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  7. It is so much like my cottage and all of that work reminds me too! Looking good, so nice when you finish a room.


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