Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pile of pretties and painting.

 This is a painting post I promise. I 've been dragging my heels though 'cos renovating is sooo boring, can't even bring myself to watch the BLOCK this year. Guess I'm just not into modern reno's or whining about running out of money,lol!
 Anyway, as vintage pretties are an unusual find in my town, imagine my surprise at finding a pile in one go. A lovely oppy lady invited me out back to rummage through manchester waiting to be priced.

So for $16 I scored seven sheets and and old rosey tablecloth, happy days!
The pink sheets are a bit thin, as pink finds usually are, but the others are in such good nic it seems a shame to chop them up, in complimentary colours too! I was thinking of using the large yellow sunflowery ones to make a cover for the old outdoor (undercover) daybed (1950/60's). I 've been wondering what I could use that would still be old fashioned enough. The table cloth has some stains but I'm thinking it would make some lovely cushions or a shopping bag.

 And I couldn't leave these behind - $1.50 for 24 pieces of silver plated (though a few have what looks like hallmarks?) lovely miss-matched cutlery. A few dodgy ones in there.

Which polished up well. I didn't try the bicarb soda with aluminum foil in warm water method to remove tarnish this time, last time I mustn't have used enough bicarb. 

 Mr CH filled the big grooves in the ceiling (to stop the dirt working through) of the Reno cottage.

Made himself a template from a plastic notebook cover to mark out where we are putting new power points.

 Then used a spade bit to start the holes off.

And then jigsawed the holes.

 Undercoating of the living and dining rooms are finished.

 Living room.

 Ready to be painted in "Timeless  Taupe" from the Taubmans Endure range.(mixed in el-cheapo Breeze paint-part of British Paints I think. $55/ 6 litres)
 Yeah I can hear you! Brown!!!!

Goodbye white walls.

Hello calamine colour. Funny, when this paint went on, I realised, the old couple that used to live in the old house down the road had their walls painted a similar shade. And when I sanded wall chips in the former living room (now bed 2) underneath was a similar colour. Limited colour choice years ago.

Judge kindly, part of a bigger picture to be revealed eventually. Would I paint my house this colour? No! But I'm going to inflict it on someone else. It's only paint. Experimenting! 

Always one clingy animal to be found, hanging around like a bad smell!

Back with the living room next time.
 Hope everyone is enjoying this sunshiny winter weather, perfectly prefect.

P.S for Leah
Yes Mum is the Aussie , Dad left England at 17 to work on sheep stations in Australia and met Mum a few years later. His dream was to own a big cattle/sheep property. Kids ended that! Still has his shepherd's crook and he does have acreage with cattle now.


  1. Oooh I LOVE the sheets and it makes me smile to think they will be upcycled into something wonderful like a cushion or daybed cover. Great colours and patterns too.xx

  2. Hi Simmone, you know what, I'm probably looking forward to seeing your reno cottaged finished almost as much as you are! You and your bare-footed handyman/husband do such a thorough job, it's going to be so lovely and sparkly when you finish. I wish you guys were going to live in it so we could see it all dect-out(decorated)
    I love your pretty sheets and I quite like the taupe (it's timeless isn't it!) I also found the post on your family/Dad's roots v. interesting.
    Have a lovely weekend x

  3. Fancy Fabrics, love the silverware..

  4. My goodness, what a fantastic sheet find. For some reason I did not see this post until now but I am so excited for you. I agree pink vintage sheets are hard to come by but I love the yellows too. We have that same pattern as your pink sheet in purple and blue on Liongirl's bed- if you chop the pink and you have any spare I would love some for a pillowcase. The painting is looking good, I actually don't mind the brown- at least it's not custard! I think your cat inspired the choice as it matches quite well and looks quite pleased with itself! melx

  5. I am honored you mentioned me and answered me directly via a post! You're a good bloke! {did I use the UK euphemism correctly?}
    I was wondering how your Mr.CH was coming along with remodeling.
    I so love those vintage sheets.
    Also, the family history back ground...sounds terribly something out of the Victoria Holt British Historical romance novels (circa 1960 and 70s) I used to read additively instead of talking to humans, as a teenager. She wrote several English/Australian romances...I could suggest a whole pile of them if interested...if I recall you like vintage books too.

  6. thanks so much for stopping by my blog today. :) i LOVE all those vintage sheets - gorgeous!! and that silverware is so pretty. what wonderful vintage treasures! :) have a great day! lora


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