Thursday, May 3, 2012

White-ant damage in the Reno Cottage

I've been dragging my heels a bit on the renovating posts and are four or more behind, so bear with me while I squash a few in. We've patched up a few holes with the trusty car bog. Like this one created by moving the wall. 

A bit of white ant damage unearthed after removing the under sil has also been filled.

The lovely tagged front door has been removed to repair the door jamb.
 The hole from the wall strap on the other side has also been filled and sanded smooth. There has been  white ant  damage to much of the lounge room, though the walls are still very strong, such is a 3/4 inch board.
 The area behind the front door. The first board has been removed and replaced with a vj board from the old wall we pulled down.

Mr CH used an impact driver (a chunky tool with changeable bits) to remove the dreaded flathead screws from the door hinges. You simply hit one end with a hammer and the vibrations work in one direction to unscrew the screw, that way you don't strip the screw end out.
 This side of the door is going to be the inside side, as it's only slightly fancier than the other side and we didn't want to repair the handle hole. The door needs to open flat against the  new bedroom wall.
 Mr CH removing the jamb.
 He's happy because it took a bit to prise out the long nails.These houses weren't meant to fall down!

 The damaged bit.
 Lots of sanding has been done in the new lounge room (former 1st bed)
 Corner quad has been painted as well.
 And apparently I'm supposed to include this, cos girls can wield a nail gun too (even if it's only for that tiny bit of quad!)
Back with another update tomorrow if I can get a go on this computer.
We've got a young house guest for the weekend, I better go check the biscuit jar.
Have a lovely weekend


  1. Love seeing you and your husband doing renos in thongs and bare feet Simmone. Health and safety's obviously top prority at the Reno Cottage! Ha!

  2. LOL to the comment above! You must be so pleased with your amazing efforts so far. Damn those beastly white ants. Thanks for taking the time to keep us up to date. Cheers SpecialK XoXo


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