Friday, May 4, 2012

Welcome to the house of fun....

..that's still looking delightful

dining room window (practising photoshop)

lounge to veranda window under sill bogged and sanded.

Mr CH cutting the old vj board for the new door jamb.

Cutting off the tongue.

Just imagine a few grunts and groans as he tries to get a tight fit.


He's keeping me amused lately - can't reach his ruler...
can't see where the line needs to go....

not tall enough

and the elation of a hung door, anyone would think we'd finished the whole house!
 The inside has become the outside, we're not going to add any extra moulding to the door. Still deciding  how to paint it.

 You would think removing a few bits of quad wouldn't be too hard?

It's those nails that are always the problem.

How much does he love renovating - this much!

Have a great long weekend everybody.
Take care.

p.s. work health and safety... waas dat...

1 comment:

  1. that last mug shot just about sums up how we are feeling about working on house projects.
    That green door is fantastic though.


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