Sunday, April 1, 2012

Thrifty finds and Reno Cottage jobs.

Just a few pretties I picked up recently while out opping, vintage sheets in good nic are as scarce as hen's teeth around here so you take them when you can. More plastic covered coathangers for $1.25(for the two) from two different shops. One day I'll take a pic of the collection. 

A single doona cover for $2, metres and metres of fabric to chop up, excellent cond.
 An American made vintage sheet and flannel pillowcases in a matching rosey print, looks prettier than the pic shows. 

 In reno news, I forgot to show the wall lining last time, one side has been cladded with the MDF sheets. The gap in the middle is from using the boards to maximum efficiency. The walls were taller than one and a half boards, so the gap will be hidden by a flat coverstrip. We did want to use a thicker strip to give the illusion of an original wall with traditional single skin bracing however thr doors wouldn't open flat against the walls because of how little space we have to swap around.

Lounge side.
 The lounge ceiling has got it's coverstrip over the gaps left after removing the wall. Pretty ugly but can't be helped.
 The dining room wall against the bathroom needed a piece of quad to finish it off as one was missing.
 Some clever jigsawing to follow the curve.

 Old imperial meets new metric. Old profiles not available.
 A gap seal, not that it needed it.
 So where do all the tools and junk move to? The half-finished kitchen has become a store room.
 Those are the kickboards (varnished timber) on the sink, finished and waiting to be screwed in place, one day...
 Tools and a layer of sawdust, making a mess to get rid of a mess. Groan, groan...
Well, I think I've managed to make myself sleepy enough, it's nearly three in the morning. No.2 son woke me up, he's just gone to sleep an hour ago, his body clock is a bit out. After a camp-out in the front yard with a fire and a packet of marshmallows, an early morning Sunday session with his Uncles, this little grommie was so tired he had an afternoon nap. No wonder he's not tired when he should be. I've had my cuppa and a few Saos, Lily-cat is keeping my lap warm and now I'm going to disturb her.
 Goodnight to any of you night owls.


  1. Looks like all's going well, Simmone. Love that wood panelling on the walls. You lucky ducky:) Love those op shop finds too. So lovely. Happy week ahead x

  2. I love your new kitchen and wood panelled walls, I expect those lovely sheets will be put to good use soon, you'll need cushions for your diner!

  3. I have to ask:
    How do you stand doing all that remodeling?
    We have been painting, and doing trim, and putting up wallpaper, re-doing floors, in attempt to get a house perfect to sell. It is slowly driving me batty. I forget how much extra work it is when you have children. Maybe I just got used to my easy indulgent life now that 3 out of door are in school and none are diapers, but I am really struggling finding a balance between house, children, husband, and then construction/remodeling (are we are not doing any major gutting like you, more cosmetic). Our next house will be the big projects, but I am having some reservations, seeing how hard this past month has been.Truly, I would love some honest insights.

  4. Love the rosy print sheet and pillow cases - very pretty indeed!

  5. Love those vintage sheets- purple- glorious! And you guys are just working your butts off aren't you? Love seeing progress shots. melx


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