Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cushions, furniture fix-up and George Clooney's doppelganger.

I take too many photos and then never do anything with them, so I'm going to jam some into this somewhat random post (not about renovating) starting with these cushions I finally made from this vintage shirt. Being a reluctant sewer took me a bit to work out because I wanted to use the zipper as it was. Photographed on the chair one lovely follower wanted to see. This chair is the last remaining piece from my Nanna's lounge suite. I only ever knew it like this, however  Mum said it was recovered in the late 60's (and my Dad refinished the wood, trying to impress his Mum and Dad-in-law we joked) and no-one can remember what colour it was previously. We sat on the pouffe as kids and sleeping on the futon style lounge was soooo uncomfortable because you slid into the valley.

For the red lounge.

The boys (Dad and son) bought this art deco style wardrobe from the op-shop for $90. Part of a ongoing purge of new-ish style furniture in favor of pieces more fitting an older house (and our liking).

Someone had used it as a linen cupboard with added shelves labelled accordingly, yearly gardening calender  and rosey paper stuck with clag I think, and it has two hanging spaces. Seems every older piece we've re-finished has a splattering of house paint.

I took out the four middle shelves and painted the others white (after peeling the paper!)
Silver plated brass on the handles.

So out came the fine steel wool and metho and off came the old shellac. I love this part!

I actually learnt something while Mr CH watched me, apparently when they veneer the outside panels, they make sure the patterns give a mirror pattern which is called book matching and also the little blemish crack in the wood grain in certain spots is when the tree hits the ground and causes a stress fracture, he couldn't remember what that was called though.

Two days later and finished with eight coats of shellac. Love the stripy grain. No. 2 son is pretty happy (for a modern boy).

 A few pics from Easter (won't bore you with any more),camping at a relatives house. This family loves toasting marshmallows and Mr CH is going ga-ga.

No. 2 son forgot to pack his helmet so played it safe. Early morning and not another kid in sight and the sky was truely that beautiful blue.

No.3 son always plays it safe.

While there I was given this funky coffeepot and some faded florals, love the patterns.

and this dolly from the 60's that I used to play with as a child, she has wire to hold her pigtails up and used to wear pink gingham but now wears a crocheted dress made by a late friend of ours. Her shoes glow in the dark.

Recent op-shop finds include a vintage floral pillowcase, a JAJ pyrex platter for $2 and a couple of doileys that were yellow and stained (slim pickings lately).

I think this doiley is used on these plates?

and a blue agee pyrex casserole dish to join the only other coloured pyrex I have, a green one bought six years ago.

said this was a random post, did anyone else watch Miss Marple's 4.50 from Paddington mystery last week sometime? I came in part way through and saw this guy and was amazed how much he looked like George Clooney. Yes I live under a rock (it's nice and peaceful there) his name is Michael Landes and he's been in Upstairs Downstairs and played Jimmy Olsen in Lois and Clark. 

So I got sucked in and watched the whole show (long after Mr CH went to bed)

Well, got to go and catch-up on all those blogs, I've missed so much news, and the Grandma's are badgering for photos, four family birthdays in four weeks. Didn't we just have holidays?


  1. I love that green chair Simmone. My maternal Grandparents had a very similar suite, we were never allowed in their lounge room (I longed to get in there when I was a kid) but I do know (from sneaky peeks) theirs was gold and still had its plastic protective covers on top - they stayed there till the my Nan died. I'm sure they were never sat on.
    Also you did a lovely job on those gorgeous cushions and the deco wardrobe looks amazing.

  2. Love the teapot and faded florals!! I have a real thing for teapots. The cupboard and all your other finds are great too. I have lost my thrifting mojo. Need to get back out there soon and find it again! Happy Anzac Day.xx

  3. Loving the cushions and reno job on the wardrobe, well done! :)

  4. I have been so out of the loop.
    Enjoyed getting caught up with crazy house.
    Great job with a cushion. Its amazing all the "new modern" fabric lines popular here in the states now look pretty much exactly like your vintage shirt find.
    Great random post.
    Loved your "under the rock" line...its nice and peaceful there...brilliant.

  5. Hi Simmone, love the jam packed post. Where do I start? The cushions are fantastic sitting on your Nanas chair. You did a great job on the wardrobe, it really looks amazing. No wonder your boy loves it as well.

    Love the photos the kids, mine a re a bit more like #3, playing it safe.

    The pink haired doll looks really familiar, but I just can't put my finger on it. Maybe I had one similar?

    Hope you had a lovely weekend, Tam x


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