Sunday, April 15, 2012

60 Birthday cakes

According to my Mum, I've made sixty Birthday cakes for my children,(not counting the few store-bought ones).So that's it! done my motherly duty! don't say I don't love you! 
So, here's the latest cake for no. 2 son. What would suit a teenage boy perfectly? - a sleep-head cake, complete with laptop, i-pod, dirty socks, dirty dishes, bowl of noodles and bed sheet on the floor not on the kid! 

Apparently my i-pod doesn't look like one and No 3 son said I should have added a clock that said 12pm.
 As I am prone to forgetting my birthday until the day before (seriously) I thought I would go find these sixty birthday cakes, can't really be that many. So, here in no particular order are a few of the "themed" cakes, as I have been reminded by my children on many a birthday how Mum went through a "round cake" phase in every colour (that's because I didn't have to dig out matching cake boards to cover and siblings happily helped decorate) Many a cake has been carted in the car to Grandparents houses, surprised there have been no fatalities.
 I have the proof not all were round!
The present stack (with smiley face candles sent by Grandma in the mail for the occasion) as we were doing country time (for no crime). 

 The white chocolate and peanut m&m tower.

 The Aust. Woman's weekly cookbook got a work-out.
Robot cake (still one of his favourites)
Simple monster cake with spiky hair.

 The Humphrey Bear cake that still makes me cringe.

The "bonfire" cake (because I'll put my own candles on my cake).

The beach babe's "thongs" cake.Which didn't work very well, the bubble gum straps went limp in the fridge. Should have used licorice or sour straps.

 I like to keep the candles close to contain germs, Yuk!!

 The hickory-dickory clock.

The first word he learnt to say - bear cake.

Another bear cake 

Heart cake.

Tried the "topsy-turvy" cake ,didn't really work.

 Drat - a round cake.

Sweet shop with a precarious lean.

We've done boats and cars,no planes though.

Miss piggy head for a no. 3 birthday.

Drat - another round cake.

 One of his favourites - a pirates of the Caribbean treasure chest.
Why are these kids looking miserable in the photos?

Well, making all those boob-cakes in the Whitsundays came in handy, never thought I would be still making kid cakes.


  1. Hi Simmone! Wow - what amazing cakes you have made! So much time, effort and love goes into cakes like these. I am abit prone to ordering from the bakery - the Safeway bakery nonetheless! Shocker. The peanut M & M one would have to be my fave - White chocolate tower AND Peanut M & M's?! Doesn't get much better than that.x

  2. Wow, what amazing cakes you've made - love the latest one. I'm in the middle of trying to decide which cake to make my little girl for her upcoming 3rd birthday :)

  3. You're amazing Simmone! A cake making goddess!
    I'm afraid yours leave my efforts for dead...What lucky kiddos you have.

    p.s. Why does the Humphrey cake make you cringe?
    I think he's (it's) lovely x

  4. Hi Simmone, your cakes are amazing! I think you have outdone yourself with the bedroom, its fantastic. You make me feel guilty for the last shop bought fair for Kade. If only you lived closer I would commission you to make India's which is just around the corner :) Whats this about the boob cakes in the Whitsundays, I think I missed something?

  5. You are an awesome Mum with all those cakes made so lovingly. I like a round cake though. Much easier to cut. xx

  6. That bedroom cake is just incredible but they are all amazing I never attempted much beyond a dInosaur. Thanks for your houghts for lotte she is doing really well. Xxx

  7. What gorgeous cakes! You have lucky kids!

  8. Wow! Talking of birthday cake, you might like this Janet Evanovich quote Evanovich quote

  9. I am in complete and total awe!
    I had to re-read the first paragraph of your post, because I did not believe that you made that! Really you rock! I so loved looking through all those old birthday pics. And was surprised to see a girl, for some reason I was under the impression you had an all boy crew.
    Loved your line: "his first word was bear cake"
    What great memories and talent.

  10. It's crazy how if you were turning 60 you would blow out 60 candles.


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