Thursday, March 8, 2012

We built an arbour....

for this white-flowered vine that has been entangled in the laundry roof of the Reno cottage for as long as we can remember. I don't know what it's called ,though the leaves look a lot like a type of Jasmine (and there was another lady in Darwin looking to identify this plant as well). Smells sweetly and flowers almost all year round, maybe old-fashioned variety?

So we bought a few bits of wood, and dug a few holes. No pics of us cementing in the uprights, me holding a level against the post with one hand (to be sure) and the hose in the other, while Mr CH tipped and mixed a bag of so of rapid-set. Where are those boys when you need them!
 Mr CH used his trusty saw to level the heights (after the cement had set).

He-he, can I say he's grinning like a Cheshire cat because his arms wore-out before finishing a cut and had to hold the saw up while catching his breath. We succumb to fits of the giggles around here. Well I do, which then has a domino effect. By the way do you like his neck tan!

  Our version of an arbour finished.

The process of cutting and pulling out vine from the tangled mess in the roof beams took a few days, depending on motivation at the time (or lack of it due to heat).

 The vine was holding too much water along the timber beams which would cause rot if left as it was.Not to mention a gutter and drain full of leaves.

Almost finished.

 Looking a little worse for wear and definitely a lot thinner, good to be off the roof though.

 Tied-up with some twine and wire to get the vine used to it's new spot. Now hopefully it won't sulk too badly.

We spent around $300, uprights were a bit cheaper than usual because they were a bit twisted at one end, which we stuck in the ground. We thought a slight twist wouldn't be noticeable with a vine growing over. The top pieces are just fence railings cut in half, plus the bolts,nailgun clouts and rapid-set bags of cement.

A bit weird looking but we will build a new wall in against this spot.
That's a little penny dog in the distance.


  1. I think it's potato creeper Simmone.
    I've always wanted an arbour, it sounds so romantic...perfect spot for afternoon tea.

  2. Love a good arbour and so nice to have something flowering in the garden that just grows with minimal effort on our parts. melx


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