Friday, March 16, 2012

Reno Cottage bits and vintage finds.

When every surface in the Reno Cottage needs three coats of paint, there is always an open tin. So while I'm painting Mr CH is doing the fix-ups. Like adding a door jamb to the former hall opening. Which is going to be an adjoining door between the two bedrooms (handy if you have a baby,and an extra fire escape for a wooden house) The door will be painted the wall colour so if you choose to keep it closed it will look (hopefully) like part of the wall.

I haven't shown much of the fiddly jobs like the window painting, which have been taken outside and sanded, re-puttied, bogged if needed, re-glued, clamped etc.
What they look like before painting.

 After - the other side finished.
We bought some routed blocks for the opening between the lounge/dining. As this is a tiny, plain little cottage, the aim is to add a few bits of decorative trim both inside and out to make it a little less plain, but not over the top. It is what it is - a Workers Cottage.  In our lounge room we have curtain rod holders (quite ugly mind you) that were obviously handmade for the purpose, probably by the first owner which is what you did in those days when you didn't have access to or didn't have the money to spend, you made your own extras.
These were $11 each!!!

Painting mouldings, door/under window trims, skirting boards and bits for the opening between the lounge/dining. I don't mind this job. We like to paint the two top coats then attach the boards to the walls, fill the nail holes and touch-up paint.It's the easiest way.

 I forgot to show this last time (I think), the lounge ceiling where we removed the wall.

 Because many old Queenslanders were built with pitched roofs to the outside walls, most internal walls can be removed without disrupting the intergrity of the structure (ha, sounds like I actually know what that means). You may encounter this problem, depending on the lengths of wood used in the ceiling, you may be left with a gap to cover, which for us is unsightly but not the end of the world!
 In our house a former owner had moved one whole wall in the lounge room to turn a double bedroom into the bathroom (when plumbing came indoors in the late 1960's) they did a pretty good job (we have the full length boards) and unless you knew what to look for, you couldn't tell. I sometimes sit and think how small our lounge room would have been. We also have a boarded-up doorway in one spot as well. Proof of how a home undergoes many changes in a hundred+ years.
  A bit of white-ant damage, but still very strong.

Anyway Mr CH used a piece of timber pulled from under a window to cut and fill the cornicing. Being imperial measurements and all.

View from bed 1 to kitchen/bathroom.
I'll be back to show bed 1 painted next time.
Always a Lily-cat hanging around.

Just a few pretties to come live at The Crazy House lately. I forget what these flowers were called, Crystal lite or luxe or something? 1960/70's. My Aunty had/has a bigger bunch and I thought they were pretty as a child.

A rosey vase to almost match the candle holder from the oppy.

A few flowery things, the tins are for Mr CH, he's working on a few projects. Though I think I might have to swap something for the red tin, I like that one. A crochet doiley for 50c and an ugly swan.

And a blue enamel teapot, because I don't have a blue one. But it's kinda spoit my arrangement, things don't look good in even numbers. Something will have to move.
Well, that's all until next time, it's been pouring rain here. I don't think we can claim the "Sunshine State" title so far this year. A bit over it here!
Hope everyone has a lovely weekend  though.


  1. I love your pretty pastel tea pots Simmone. You just need a pink one now, wonder if they came in pink...I have a few bits of old enamel-ware, it's one of the vintagey things that actually gets alot of use in our kitchen.
    Such gorgeous tins and vases and I remember those crystal flower thingies. My m.i.l. still has hers bought by my husband for Mothers Day when he was a boy. Not as pretty as yours though. It's brown.

    p.s. rain would be welcome here.

  2. Some great finds Simmone! Love all the florals and the gorgeous tea pot.x

  3. Just looking at your reno is making my tired, wow you guys do alot.

    The swan is really sweet and I am intrigued to know what the Mr will be making with the tins.

    The teapots and dresser are looking great, love the pop of red.

    Hoe you are having a good week, I heard it is still raining up your way. Tam x

  4. Love your enamel teapots and always good to see some actual renovating progress. melx

  5. The teapots look gorgeous. You guys are doing a fantastic job!

  6. Love your phrase "fiddly jobs"...have to borrow that one...its the perfect word. We bought some of those decorative moldings too...and yes nearly had a heart attack when we saw what a dozen cost.
    Its all looking great.


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