Monday, March 19, 2012

Reno Cottage bed1 - green.

Bed 1 at the Reno Cottage is going green. Inspired by the pretty bedrooms below, we have chosen the chalky green White Clover by Taubmans (Endure). I'm a big fan of blues and greens for serene bedrooms, though that said, in our house we have two blue bedrooms (different), one green, one lemon and one purple (eek!).

Image - Country Homes and Interiors.

Image - Country Living.

Mr CH has finished spacking the ceiling with the acrylic gap filler so the soot and dirt doesn't drop through.
 Before - undercoated
 We had our paint colour mixed up in Breeze which is the Berger Paints budget tin - $55 for 6 litres, which is enough to do two coats for this size room.
 It's tough wearing glasses! Foggy.
  A chalkier colour than the candy colours we usually use, thought we better go conservative as it's for someone else. I remember being so sick of all the cream coloured rentals before we bought our place, I couldn't wait to go crazy with colour. 
 First coat finished.
 Second coat half wet, half dry.
 The spraygun played-up a bit while painting this room, threw out a few chunks in a few places. Think it's getting old. Seemed to flatten with the second coat.
Finished walls at least!

We've had around 500mms of rain so far this year and still raining, so what hasn't drowned isn't flowering and I'm having to pick from the shrubs, these pretties from this morning Brazilian cape plant (pink), Pachystachys lutea (yellow) and cat's whiskers (white)
 ...and while I'm in the bathroom, do you like my shower curtain hangers, I'm trying to pretend winter isn't just around the corner!

Hope you have a lovely week, I've got to go and make some food for No.3 son's Harmony Day party. Now what should I make for Irish/German, English/German heritage!


  1. I do love that green look from the mags and it will look fab when furnished. I so love the tongue & groove walls and ceilings, it's got so much more character than plain old plaster sheet. It's something where considering for our rebuild in the future.

    Very cheery curtain hooks, I like a lot.

  2. I love those first two images - I have the second one filed away somewhere. Love the green you've used. So soft and serene. I love green too - green and blue together are so lovely. Love the panelling in these rooms too. Lovely!! x

  3. I love the green you've chosen Simmone. It looks gorgeous on those timber walls (we don't see many of them here in the West) and that vase of flowers is very pretty. I love mixed bunches picked from the garden.

  4. The green is certainly a winner! Beautiful choice :)

  5. The colour is great, love the pics you used for inspiration.

  6. We have such similar tastes. Those bedroom inspirations are just the exact same look I love.
    In that first shot where the bed has that canopy gathering attached to like some sort of oval shaped metal lattice-thing...did the mag. say what that is called or better yet if its some kind of re-purposed object...I have been wanting to do that for the girls' room forever, but never knew how to go about doing it.
    I still cant wrap my head around the fact that your guys' seasons are backwards from us in the States. Today is first day of Spring...if you are too depressed you may not want to read today's post because we are enjoying an amazing Spring.
    Thanks for sharing all the good posts.


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