Sunday, March 11, 2012


The vote is unanimous - Monday should be the last day of the weekend!
 This seemed to be the case in the Crazy House this morning. Mr CH groaned and moaned about going to work, he's been suffering the effects of a head cold for a week now and had two separate days off work last week, and is still psycho analysing which person from work gave him the bug. He can't sleep if he has a blocked nose, so the house is littered with packets of strepsils, vapour drops, decongestants and empty tissue boxes and he's been warned to keep his kooties to himself. No. 1 son never whinges about going to work, he seems to prefer it to home. He'll even go sick! No.3 son always says "Do I have to go?",and No.2 is usually asleep.
 So after a power walk (ha) with Penny-dog through the mud this morning, I arrive home to find No.2 son still in bed fast asleep with 7 minutes to be dressed and at school. He usually gets himself off to school.
So when they've all left, lucky me, I get to clean-up the carnage from the weekend. This room happens to be one of the first you see after walking in the door, so I like to keep it fairly tidy. This morning it was beyond help, I thought at least I should make the bed.

However over the last week every piece of lego we own has snuck out of the wardrobe and set up camp in the most inconvenient spot, namely the path from the door to the window. Which makes for perilous midnight maraudings. The pile of winter clothes pulled out  last weekend for try-ons is still where it landed with the recipient avoiding Mum at all costs.

The pile of lego boxes, nerf etc.. that was balancing on top of the lego crates inside the wardrobe has tasted freedom and is heading under the bed . 

 After pulling back the curtains and discovering this mud wasp nest, the domestic-goddess crown tilted slightly.

 It went crashing to the floor after further inspection revealed this !!!!!!
After town getting flooded three times this year alone, there seems to be no shortage of mud.

I think this was the point of this post? This old crappy bookcase I bought after leaving home, a make do piece I didn't think we would still have. But the darn thing is made of solid wood and refuses to die. As with all the odd bits of furniture, they end up in this room. So I gave it a few coats of paint thinking it might look a little less U.G.L.Y.

 Considering we never buy happy meals  we have more than our fair share of the trappings.
Does anyone else's child collect rocks?, I've managed to remove all but the boulder and jar of dirt because "There might be gold in there Mum!".

 Alas, the Legoman couldn't be saved. He was suffocated by those rotten Dust Bunnies.
 Poor Indy.

 I'm afraid the after pic doesn't look much better. Keeping an eye out for those lined white baskets to replace the blue plastic ones.

 Managed to cull the childcraft books back to the MIL's house because no one looked at the in the two years they were on the top shelf.

Can't dust this shelf because it's where no.3 son keeps his four-leaf clovers. (That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!)

The recent additions to the golden books, can't get them from the usual oppy anymore, the price has gone from 50c to $4.50, now that's inflation!

 No.3 son came home from Book Week with no books, but a few more novelty erasers to add to the pile, a dog, camera, dinosaur fossil and an ipod of course.

Last but certainly not least, thankyou to Tamara from A TREASURED PAST  for the offer of a blog award. It's very thoughtful of you and I appreciate you thinking of me out of all those wonderful blogs. I don't feel comfortable with award thingies, though if there was a "MIA for Three Weeks" award or a "Random Posts Not About Renovating" award, they might be suitable. I don't do the link things or the twitter or facebook or embed things and don't get me started on the edit HTML - what the...! 
The timing was rather strange as I had been thinking about deleting my 84 posts and disappearing, time for blogging is a challenge as sometimes it takes 1/2 an hour just to load the photos, which means I've lost the train of thought by then and usually forget something I meant to add. Like the last post when I forgot to mention the size of the flowers on that vine have a diameter of 4-5 cms which makes them too large to be a potato vine (thanks Kylie, I thought it was that too) more like a jasmine pandorea.
 Anyway, I'm not going to think about it and just go with the flow whatever that is.
Have a good great Monday!


  1. Hi, don't let the bugs, Lego, over priced golden books and clover leaf collection get you down. I love the leaf collection and you honoring their exsictance is good mothering!
    Hope you have a terrific tuesday!

  2. Hi Simmone, did you sneak over to my house and take a few photos? I swear our house is always like this. Kids!

    I hear you re. the blogging thing. Its like a fulltime job just keeping up with everyone and leaving comments, let alone writing a new post. I, for one, would miss you if you weren't here, I enjoy all your posts.

    Enjoy the weeks end, Tam x

  3. Hi Simmone!
    I feel so bad I have been neglecting all my bloggin' friends for the past 2 weeks. Have had barely time to post, and then when I do, no time to read others' or even comment back. But enough about my excuses. I have loved getting caught up with the antics of CHC. Replace those legos with clothes and glittery objects and you have my girls' rooms. I love the vintage golden books too. On my trip to Maryland I was so thrilled to find a really old edition of Color favorite book as a child and my first memory of reading. Been looking for a copy of that for awhile. And I think just about everyone on the planet who has a home owns one of those ugly utilitarian bookshelves...but hey they keep some of the crap off the floor right?


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