Thursday, March 22, 2012

$10 bought me...

..well it was $10.10c, a hand stitched hankie and some stripy cotton sheets for no.3 son's bed, still new enough to be scratchy. He was with me and I asked if he liked them and he said "But they're USED!", not my kid!! 

Two crocheted cloths (until I make the time to learn how, I'm very happy to pay a few cents for someone's handywork)

 Some vintage children's coathangers, 3 old (70's) 2 newer.

 A bo-bo pillowcase and my favorite vintage coathangers 50c each from two different opshops.

 Two pillowcases to use, boys are tough on pillowcases.

 Is that enough pics of the same things?
So is everyone enjoying the rain? It has hardly stopped raining since my last post, here's a few pics from the last three months, though we've stopping taking pics, it's become a case of same old - same old, and even the kids aren't interested unless it means a day off school.
It took Mr CH an hour to get home from work the other evening as he was diverted twice because the roads were cut. We've sprung a few leaks under the house, the ground is so wet it can't hold anymore rain and we've had a river flowing across the pavers, the drains can't cope.

 Sorry for the blurry pic.
 I wonder who gets the job to come out in the rain to pull the pins and let down the sides on the pedestrian bridges?
  These pics were taken before everything went under the next day.

 All this grass was under water.

There hasn't been a day in the past few weeks without mud between our toes! 

..and we have to go out in the rain to vote tomorrow, aawhhh do we have to?


  1. Golly, look at all that rain! Complete opposite over here in WA. Your op shop finds are great -LOVE the crocheted piece and the sheets are a nice pattern. I have those coat hangers for my girls - half of them were mine from when I was a little girl :) Enjoy your weekend x

  2. Great finds Simmone! Love the lot. The rain however looks horrible. Hoping it stops and you get some fine weather soon.x

  3. Great finds. Goodness you are drenched up there, i must stop whinging about it all considering no cyclones here in Brisbane just alot of mould and tetchy children. melx

  4. Wow! great finds. Yes we too are over the rain. Take care. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  5. Ha Ha! I do not tell my kiddos their sheets are used! All that rain...looks pretty miserable. Last Spring we had about a month straight of was really depressing, and really hurt the local farmers. Oh wait that's right its not Spring for you guys...can't get my pea brain around that.
    Hope things dry out for you guys, whatever season it is.


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