Sunday, February 19, 2012

Reno cottage update.

 Just a little update I meant to post a few weeks back, before our desktop computer finally died. It has been nursed by Mr CH for the past year and was refusing to start without pushing buttons a million times, seems if you can get four or five years from a computer you have done well (or have the patience of a saint). Fortunately we don't store many files on the computer though loading new settings is time consuming. I could have used one of the other laptops but being a techno chicken I thought I would just wait until we got a newbie. It has been an expensive month with the council rates for two properties due, electricity, and phones due, not to mention the printer died two weeks before the computer did and we don't have a credit card. Yep, I kid you not, we actually gave it up to buy the Reno cottage, as a credit card is considered a debt regardless whether the balance owed is zero or not. So we could get another one now (funny banks?) but have found we haven't wanted to.
 Anyway back to renovating. Lots of washing of walls has been done and the undercoating of the new dining room has been done (formerly bed 2).

The stud wall between the new lounge and bed 2 is finished and is waiting to be lined by Mr CH.

 Bed 2 to lounge.


Half a wall washed.

 (by me!)

Lots of little jobs always to do, sanding the new door jamb and wall flush

The water rot from the bathroom on the otherside was bogged with car bog, sorry I don't have a photo, we used Seatons brand it takes 20 minutes to set before you can sand it.

You mix two parts together and mix until it gets thicker, don't breathe the fumes too much and wear a dust mask when you sand. We use a mini vac to suck up the dust.

Just needed to fill the gap above skirting board height as the gap will be patched from under the floor.

We decided to hand roll the dining, I don't know why it just started that way. You don't have to worry when it's only the undercoat.

Always seem to have paint in my hair these days?

Sorry about the gloomy photos, still using the dodgy lens.

Two topcoats and you'll never know.

 Natural wood piece between the new bed 1 and dining door jamb will need a little gap filling - funny quirks in hand cut wood.

Well that's all for now, I'm taking it easy at the moment. I have a sore bruised elbow and stiff neck from cleaning our veranda ceiling. So I'm trying to learn this photoshop thingy, this could be addictive!
Have a lovely day.


  1. Painting ceilings is such a tiring job, good on you, it's all looking fantastic!! Your paint in the hair comment made me smile :)

  2. Congrats on the new computer, I would love to get photoshop in the near future, Totally agree on the NO credit card, we just recently got a visa debit so we could still shop online & book accomodation & stuff.
    You guys are doing an amazing job with your renovations!!

  3. Gosh Simone - you have been SOO busy! What a fantastic job you are doing. I downloaded a free month trial of Photoshop Elements a few months ago and was totally addicted to it. Couldn't wait to get home from work in the afternoon to play with it. Have put it on my Birthday wish list!
    After all the work you have been doing - you definitely deserve a break. Enjoy! ;)Sharyne

  4. you are doing a great job I suddenly found your blog its really very very attractive you can also find great information from
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  5. The Reno Cottage is going to be a gem when you finish it Simmone. You guys are doing a wonderful job. I can tell you pay attention to detail and do things properly. I'm sure all the hard work, tired muscles, paint in your hair etc will be worth it when you finish x

    p.s. I am waiting for the computer I use to die too. My husband has a lap-top, but I rarely use it cause I'm used to this one. I'll actually be a bit sad when it carks it which is absolutely ridiculous!

  6. Paint, paint, paint, and more paint huh?
    You must see rollers in your dreams.
    Good for you for choosing to opt not to get a credit card again. My Mr.MS and I hope to pretty much do the same when our house sells and we get our own "Reno Cottage" of sorts in the not too distant future.
    It is then that I will hitting up your crazy house capers archives!

  7. This is looking fantastic - it will lovely when it's finished. And don't worry, I feel your pain about painting (and painting tongue & groove as well) because I'm going through the same process at my house! :)

  8. Wow, you are doing a great job. Love the bare feet again!


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