Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pretty in Pink - furniture fix-up.

Do you remember this old kitchen cabinet Mr CH bought me here? Thought you might like to see how the fix-up went. Before pictures below.

Sea-air damaged handles and hinges.

Most of the hinges had old flathead nails as well as flathead screws. Mr CH took a while to prise them out so they could be reused. Hinges and handles were rubbed with fine steel wool to remove surface rust.

A stamp by Handcock and Gore, which of course needed googling to find out who they were. I was going to link to something, but I took too long to load up my pics (twice). Apparently they were a timber mill in Ipswich, who by 1945 had become the largest Australian supplier of plywood. I googled images first and uncovered a link to my mum's relative's sawmill who supplied timber to Handcock and Gore at some stage. Funny w.w.w. Seems Handcock and Gore supplied timber for brands such as Eames and Parker amongst others.

Damaged lower door.
Pushed back into place, glued and clamped flat to dry. Paper between to soak up any glue seepage - easier to sand paper than wood if it sticks.

Doors and windows were painted in interior gloss (vivid white) because we had some for the Reno cottage.

Kitchen cabinet painted in Gala Day pink by Wattyl (2 coats), a sample pot 500ml for less than $8, with half a tin left (what else can I paint pink?) Inside sanded.

Mr CH re-nailing and screwing the hinges back in place.

You can see the door dent slightly if you know what to look for. I swapped this handle with the odd one out.
Altered to fit a sloped floor maybe? We just glued a few packers in place.

Handles were rubbed with fine steel wool and turned upside down as the bottom side was in better condition with less bubbles.I thought they scrubbed up well.

With the hinges I have my own way of stopping further rust occurring. I like to wipe on a layer of shellac to seal from the air, allowing them to dry before attaching, I'm sure rust converter would work well, I just prefer using the shellac because it's quick and easy and keeps the brown colouring.

Why pink? Why not.
Painted with the future wall colour in mind. I really enjoyed doing this cupboard, finished all too quickly.

Things have a tendency to move without warning around here, another surface to clutter up!

So what do you think?
 Can anything be too pink?


  1. Another perfect reno from you guys Simmone. I love the whte/pink combo and that you saved its original handles. They've come up beautifully.

  2. Oh wow, it's come up really lovely. The pink with the white doors looks fab! x

  3. I love these kitchen hutches and you have done a fantastic job,reminds me of those fancy striped marshmallows that miss Liongirl occasionally gets with her babycinos. And cannot believe how well the handles came up, amazing. I think you will love my salvos treasure, pics soon. melx

  4. Absolutely gorgeous!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.
    What a great job. And I adore the bits n bobs on top too. Nice one.xx

  5. I love it! What a transformation! Well done :)

  6. I love it these old pieces are so beautiful and your transformation is beautiful. Thanks ever so much for sharing. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  7. You know my pink philosophy...what a great job you did. I forget sometimes the magical powers of a few coats of paint and some steel wool. Thanks for your comments on my blog. You know I am not really sad about moving...even after that post. We need acres and chickens and big veggie gardens for all these girls. And honestly financially...since we bought it so stinking cheap and done our own work we will be doing really good when it sells. Then its another fixer upper...and this time I won't be pregnant or have a baby on my hip during the duration. Like I said when we get our new home I will be looking to crazy house for inspiration...i love everything you do.

  8. Hi Simmone, the makeover is gorgeous, I love the pink! What a great idea to turn the handles upside down, genius! I am so glad that you retained the original handles and not replaced them with modern counterparts. It looks super cute in your kitchen..

    enjoy your weekend, Tam x

  9. I think it is gorgeous!!! Amazing job, makes me want to take something on.

  10. BRAVO! I love it and NO! you cant ever get enough pink. I love it next to the red. I heart vintage and retro. I am in the middle of a beach house make over so please pop over and have a peek at my vintage inspired children's fashion and my new beach house.

  11. this is fabulous Simmone! so nice to have found your lovely blog, i'll enjoy following your reno adventures very much! Bernie x

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