Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Novelty erasers.

 This little collection of novelty erasers has been sitting on the kitchen bench for the past few weeks. No. 3 son has enjoyed an inspection of their workings, after buying a few new ones while out shopping for school supplies. I started this collection while in primary school and added to it for a few years before it was put away. Unlike the choices on offer today, little indulgences such as these weren't in great supply in our area and I was determined not to use them.

Favorite pieces included the typewriter, the purple blender, umbrella, lightbulbs, cuckoo clock and the chocolate biscuit that smelt like real chocolate.

 Popular with a lot of classmates were the hamburger, toilet, toothbrush, the flags and the dice. The details were surprising considering they were just for children to use.

 Guess you can't get these anymore? There was a ten dollar note that seems to have disappeared.

 My thoughtful gypsy Sister brought these back for me, from a childhood trip to the UK. Anyone remember Danger Mouse?

 Our Dad devised a clever way of bribing us to behave for our Mum while he was away on work trips. One dog eraser each for good behaviour. That wouldn't cut it these days!

 Now, how could I use that face?

 No. 3 son has added a few of his own erasers over the past few years, in a kind of half-hearted way.

The newest to our little collection. He wanted the music pieces and the lava lamp and I couldn't pass up the kitchenalia. Not as tough as the old ones and no scent at all, but still cute.
So, did you collect novelty erasers?


  1. My god, you and i must be the same vintage. I had the money eraser and a few others including an icecream that smelt like icecream. No idea where mine got to, amazing that you kept all yours. Love that little tea set of erasers. melx

  2. Yes! I collected erasers - many of the same ones you have there. The ice cream and the money one too - as with Bungalowgirl above! I think mum still has them stashed up in a cupboard somewhere at her house. I can still remember that awesome sweet smell some of them used to have.xx

  3. I love your collection Simmone. I remember collecting rubbers when I was a kid, but my collection was pretty pathetic compared with yours!
    And thanks, now I can't get the Danger Mouse theme song out of my head. Daan - ger Mouse!

  4. Hi Simmone, what a great collection. I love that your son has been adding some of his own too. How cute is the little tap, you should use that as your blog mascot! Enjoy the weekend, Tam x

  5. I had a huge collection - -all unused
    I had most of those doggies too :-)

  6. Hi simmone, your collection is so...Beautiful and little pug is very cute. We also have some diecast toys like car, planes and many more at


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