Monday, January 30, 2012

One new rug = one hole in the wall.

 A little fix-up we did before Christmas.
 This is part of our summer sitting room (a four room DIY extension we added to our cottage during our first year, which cost us less than $13 000 from foundation to roof), and this is what happened during a storm while we were living away from home a few years ago. Horizontal rain leaked through the windows and swelled the MDF sheets because there was no one home to mop up the water. (OK don't even mention the blue window, was a mistake a decade ago and is the final to be purged. After painting that gruesome colour at the end of a very long 18 month reno (because we broke the drought by taking off the roof) neither one of us would admit to wanting to repaint anything!)

We had used specially ordered (because of the height) vj grooved MDF panels which were a fraction of the cost of using secondhand tongue and groove boards. The amount we needed exceeded what we could find. It was suggested that we use plasterboard to save money!

Anyway, fixing this has been on the "to do list" since returning home, however after a spur of the moment rug buy, (saving $300 off the price-how could we pass up that? ) Mr CH decided after admiring the rug in place that the wall had to be fixed, and maybe a furniture rearrange, so much for that being a female thing.

 Unfortunately the damage went wider than one panel, so cutting and pasting was required. He wondered why he was having trouble cutting, forgot there was a cyclone rod in there. Cyclone rods hold the walls to the steel beams under the floors.

 If you are ever thinking of laying your own tongue and groove floor, just remember to leave an expansion gap of 5mm or so, for shrinkage and expanding. I can't remember I think the floors are mixed hardwood?

 Removing glue and MDF.

 Over time like products seem to change, usually for the better, in this case the improvements to the glue used in the MDF resist water damage now. However the spacing of the grooves is different, which required some shaping by Mr CH.

 Gluing a support board, because we cheated by not removing a full length.

 The red rug that started it all!

 And this is why I don't let Mr CH take my pic, he always gets me from a weird angle, now I've lost an arm.

 Now I get the job of picking a colour (no antique white USA around here, lol)
Now I could live with this for awhile, but it's bugging Mr CH.

Hope you're not flooded in like we were for the second January in a row. 
Have a great week, with some sunshine, hopefully


  1. Such a neat job Simmone.
    I think it's cool that your husband d.i.y's in bare feet. Ha!

  2. Gosh, what a hassle, there is always something with houses isn't there! Is it possible to get a look at that green chair in the last pic? Looks interesting...


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