Saturday, January 28, 2012

New wall,boxing in and bedroom 1.

 The new opening between the old bed 1 and bed 2 has been boxed in by Mr CH using the half vjs he removed from the old boarded-up window against the bathroom wall.

 He added a cut down stud to the top of the wall to nail the boards to.

 The last few boards were fitted together first and nailed in one go or the last vj wouldn't have gone in.
 While he was doing that I was getting dusty, sanding the extra peeling paint caused by our roof leak. Who needs gym membership, I couldn't lift my arms above my waist the next day.

 The new stud wall between the new bed 2 and the new lounge room has also been built and fitted.

 And the Reno cottage has turned into the shed we don't have!

looking into bed 2
 Nailing the studs to the wall above the front door.
 Well, half a wall so far.

 Bed 1 sanded (twice),washed (twice),skimcoated and some spakking of the ceiling gaps.

 We had to leave the timber dry out for a week or so after the indoor rain incident. It will take months for the timber to shrink back to "normal" depending on weather, and gap filling of the ceiling will be partial at first. We usually only gap fill ceilings to stop the soot from old fireplaces and a 100 years of dirt from dropping down esp. in dry weather when timber shrinks.Undercoating painted by roller and brush (grooves).

Old white, new white

Ceiling of bed 1


 Undercoating done, it's been dark and gloomy here.

One job down,a million to go!

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  1. Oh Simmone, the beaded board ceiling and walls done in white are so beautiful. I love it! We are putting our own house on the market this Spring. Which means we are spending the winter getting our house absolutely perfect...for someone else.
    It feels a little backwards, but that's the way it is around here in The States. I don't know what's its like is Aussie, but here if you want to make money or your house, it was to be perfect, or people will pay you next to nothing for your house.
    And by the way, I love the picture of you working in your skirt, again. So cute.


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