Monday, January 23, 2012

Farewell Summer holidays.

 I feel a bit like a naughty truant, sneaking back to blog school after enjoying the summer hols way too much. Honestly where have the past six weeks gone?!!

So I sit here and wonder what to say and how to say it, and can't for the life of me remember how I let Mr CH talk me into this thing called blogging. He's such an optimist inspite of my being a rather bad blogger when I struggle to do the renovating and find time to blog about it. Not to sound down or anything because I'm not at all. (can you tell it's raining).

  So since I was last here about four weeks ago (but who's counting right?), we've had five birthdays, welcomed one new niece, survived sleep-overs and two roadtrips westward, you know the kind of trips when you need to use the public toilets and you lift the lid to a swarm of giant mozzies or worse!, renowork, mowing, painting furniture, mowing, did I mention the mowing!!! Oh and found ourselves childless-completely childless for a few days a rare thing.

 I have truly enjoyed a few weeks off from school/work lunches and ironing, but seem to have spent any spare time attempting to tame the weeds growing akin to that man-eating vine from Doctor Who. Daughter no 1 and only, has moved out (apparently) although there seems to be nothing missing bar a few clothes and the laundry hamper. She said she would be back for more but that was weeks ago. She has tried this before, this time we might have to paint the room and move another kid in!

 I made a mobile for our little niece, (she has a name we can't remember how to pronounce) from some butterflies ($5) from the junkshop and a hoop, beading string and fabric flowers from the craft cupboard. Not very child friendly with all that glitter but tied and glued well enough.

 This is what I felt like this morning Aaaahh-hhhaaa  back to school!, as two kids went off to school, one primary, one high school. No tears for this muma.

 After having no.2 son home for a year of home-schooling (after 3 schools in three years) put him in a negative mindset, time away from distractions has been great for him to decide what he is aiming for job/life wise. He seems happier though a little nervous. It is amazing what great resources are on-line these days and I was surprised to learn that there are up to 20 000 kids around Oz that are not registered in any kind of ed. program. Happier to have had the one on one time with him, though I think I am not a self-less enough person to want to do this full time. I have been a mum for more than half my life this year, not that, that is an excuse but he's done more reading in one year than he normally would, lol.
Well, it's been bucketing down here for days and the washing needs drying and I need some lunch. Have a few projects to share over the next few posts because this is supposed to be a renovation blog hmmmm, anyway do you like my storm lilies, they love the rain, it's the only time they flower and I have six bunches of them. We dug them out from Mr CH's Pappy's place and he's been gone for ten years and there's a block of units there now! Aaah, I've gotta go!


  1. Good to see you back. Sounds like you have been very busy. School doesn't start back here until next week and my son and I are more than ready for kindy to kick back in! The mobile you made is really pretty. Sherry :)

  2. Hello! Glad you are back. Hope you had a great break.xx

  3. Hi Simmone, sounds like you have been very busy over the holidays, unlike us, we really left the house. Our kids are back to school next week, and me to work, that will be a shock to the system.

    Wow, home schooling..I just find it hard when the kids ask me a question like why is the sky blue? Thank goodness for the internet.

    The mobile is gorgeous...

    Welcome back, Tam x


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