Monday, November 7, 2011

Reno cottage-DIY bathroom update.

 Just a little update I meant to post with the last kitchen update! Sometimes life gets in the way of living. Still lots of little jobs to do, plumbing to connect, splashback, trims etc...The Hollywood light/mirror has been placed where the only light was,on the wall above the vanity (asbestos ceiling). The main light is on the wall near the shower. Still haven't worked out where to put towel racks as there is absolutely no available wall space.We are taking a break from this room and have moved on to the dining and bed 1.

If you can't remember what the bathroom looked like before here's a peek.
 In all it's grossness.
 And this was before the graffiti attack.
 Still deciding between a tiled splashback or the piece of perspex, for behind the tiniest vanity we could find.

 Tiles have been sealed with this stuff,applied with a small brush and allowed to soak in.

 Lots still to do.
 Bed 1 has been sanded, skimcoated,sugarsoaped and washed.

 Rat chewed light wiring.
 Apparently we have a leak we can't find, and bubbles are appearing on the kitchen ceiling.And there is only so much silicon you can use. So we have a post on our DIY roofing shenanigans coming up.
Until then.....


  1. Your bathroom's looking fab Simmone, huge improvement. Big pat on the back to both of you.
    How frustrating on your roof leak, I hope you find where it's leaking from soon. Such a shame to wreck your newly painted ceiling.
    Hang-in-there x

  2. Your bathroom is looking fantastic Simonne. Such a transformation. My bathroom is in desperate need of renovation but it is such a daunting job. Maybe next year.... I agree, that blue and white fabric from Fabric Traders would make a great lamp shade. Can't wait for the school holidays so I can get started on all my projects. ;)Sharyne

  3. I immediately like anyone who uses the word "shenanigans" Remodeling looses its luster rather quickly doesn't it. You guys are doing great...keep the updates coming...getting a cartload of good ideas

  4. It's really a great DIY project and the updated bathroom expressing your good idea very well. I loved the stuff in basin.


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