Thursday, November 17, 2011

Happy vintage finds for 2011.

 Just a few other finds that came to live in the Crazy House this year. I can't say I have gone out of my way this year and have prefered to stay closer to home, so op-shopping has been a hit and miss affair. 
I can't pass a colourful doily or two (not that I need anymore) or a pretty plate or two. A lovely inspirational vintage plaque and a few more napkin rings to go with the pink ones from last years finds.

 5 coathangers for $2, worth it just to get my favourite vintage plastic ones especially with those little plastic flowers(they can sell for $5 each). And a ball of plastic string for $1,different from the modern scoubee(?) plastic string, this is a continuous ball used for making plastic covered coathangers in the 50/60's.
 A few of the books that came home this year mostly to add to childhood collections especially golden books. My gypsy sister has The Rescuers and Mickey Mouse copies so I got these to share with no.3 son.
 I bought this wicker sewing basket thinking I would re-line it with some new fabric, but I have decided to enjoy it's original condition for a little longer if not permanently.
 Another crochet box from the 50/60's to keep the pink one company,not as clean but still pretty.
 I don't need and more kitchenalia but I thought this was sweet. I think there is a flower theme going on here, thowback to a house full of males.
 Not sure what this was, a bread/ flour /biscuit /rubbish bin? Missing it's hinged lid probably green,have seen them before on ebay or somewhere. Was $2 in the hardware section of my favourite oppy, battered and a little rusty just the way I like it.Love the pattern.
 A vintage ice-crusher from the 1950's, open the lid, throw in the ice cubes,choose fine or coarse and turn the handle, open the drawer for crushed ice. The kids like this!
 I don't need more kitchenalia! old working Sunbeam mix master.
 Found in the vintage shop. A homemade shirt with a bias binding hem, strangely the zip finishes 1 inch from the bottom so you would need to step into it. Thought the lovely 60's fabric would make cushions and/or a bag of sorts.
 Appart from that silly lightbulb these clip on lights are so handy. I think they were $6 and $7.

 A cute clock that ticks so loudly at night it now lives in the living room. Now I can see  from the lounge chair that with no daylight saving here in QLD 9 o'clock really means bedtime is 10 o'clock and waking at 5am is really 6am. Right!
 A 1970's Tv chair to add to the to do list. Our families both had these chairs when we were kids and Mr CH has been sitting in this in the sitting room every night because they are just so darn comfortable. Came with its lovely cane lounge covering.

Another piece to add to the to do list. Not sure of the age of this kitchen cabinet, could be 1930's-1950's? Katherine from The Old Boathouse would know. Was bought for $40 by Mr CH (he is a darling) and the chrome and bakelite handles on the drawers are not original. Has been sitting on the veranda of a beach house for a few years after been bought at an antiques fair hence the rusty hinges etc. Starting this is my non house reno project for this weekend. I figure if I get bored with this I can move on to the half-stripped dining table sitting next to it.
What do you think happy find or more trouble than it's worth? Lol.
Hope you all have a lovely weekend, it's looking great so far!


  1. Hi Simmone, I love each and every find, especially the card box and the chair, the fabric is cool. I was only saying to the mr that I wanted some anodised bed lights like the ones you found for our bed as I like to read every night, they are so handy. I think the kitchen dresser is a fantastic buy. Enjoy your weekend, Tam x

  2. Hi Simmone, you've found so many lovely lovely things. My favourites are the adonised bedside lamps, especially the pink one, the crochet card boxes, I love these but whenever I come across them they are too pricey, the 70's telly chairs (these always seem to be in every beach house we've stayed in, and you're right, they are very comfy) The religious rose print is also rather special. Goodness me! I won't continue because I really love everything you've shown us x

  3. Hey Simmone, I think you are about spot on with the age of the cupboard. It will look fab with a bit of tlc. I really like the color of the second bed lamp though, great finds xx Katherine

  4. Sweet Simmone, Wow!

    So many lovely finds, where do I start. Nup! I can't, just all so good.

    Gee! I have to say, I just think it's great that all these old beauties get to enjoy life in another home.

    I just love thifting.

  5. love all your vintage finds!

  6. Crikey! You have awesome thrifting finds here!
    The kitchen cabinet is brilliant - def a great find and will be well worth the trouble I think.xx

  7. Me again! Just a quick one to let you know I have popped some of your lovely pics on my blog today. xx

  8. Wow, wow, wow!! You have some mighty great finds there. I love the kitchenette!


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