Thursday, November 24, 2011

Amateur re-roofing - Part 1.

Better late than never, the roofing post I've been sitting on for a few weeks. The leak he couldn't find annoyed Mr CH enough to order new iron sheets for the Reno Cottage roof. This was a job we were hoping not to do for a year or so, however the large amount of rain we had earlier in the year has sped up the rusting of the roof.

 Roofing iron and hex screws plus some left-over sarking and anticon insulation from our house,and the fun! begins.
 The roof was originally red ,the previous owner had it tarred and sprayed as bandaid maintainence.  Someone in the past had lifted the iron, placed sarking down and replaced the old lead nails with roofing screws to prolong it's hundred + year life.
 Unscrewing everything, the most time consuming part.
 A glamorous job but someone has to do it.
 While someone sneaks a few backside pics.
 Worn out thinking!
 We only replaced the sheets on the slope, easy for us and a professional can do the rest in a few years or so. The top sheets come off first as they do.
 Above the kitchen.
 We wondered how a rat? got a mop end into the roof space?
 Surprisingly clean apart from the macadamia farm.
 One hundred years of soot and dirt blown in through the open eaves which act as a cooling system.
 Will show the rest next time. I'm off on a road trip with my parents and are leaving the family to fend for themselves, I'm sure they can get ready for school/work without me. Should be interesting, I hope they don't cope too well!
Drooling Penny dog.
Have a lovely weekend.


  1. That doesn't look like fun but you've made a good start.

    Run away and enjoy your trip.

  2. What a big job and mighty it ok with oh&S to wear thongs while roofing?

    Enjoy your trip away :) Hope you take lots of photos. Tam x

  3. Gosh, quite and undertaking! You guys really roll up your sleeves and get into it. ;-)

  4. Have fun with your Mum and Dad Simmone. I'm impressed with your roofing work.

  5. Wow you guys really are the DIY couple.
    Way to go.
    Is that a skirt you were wearing up on the roof?


  6. Installing a new one is a better choice than repairing, especially when your roof is already rusting. Finding the leak and patching it can't guarantee protection like a new one can. Also, it was a good idea to let a professional do the installation for you.

    -Jere Leach @ YanceyHomeImprovements


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