Thursday, October 6, 2011

Painting,new wall and a door.

Just a small update of those little jobs we have been working on lately. The back wall of the Reno Cottage next-door has been undercoated and has had it's first coat of green, painted by hand while Mr CH was at work.

Mr CH had to build a new window surround because the old bathroom window was not worth saving. We decided to use a window kept from our own house renovations and it was slightly smaller. New putty and 3 coats of paint and going in and out a few times for fitting and it's looking much nicer. Now I just need to paint the second coat of green.

If you remember the plan, we need the doorway between the kitchen and the new bedroom 1 covered over. So Mr CH used 3 panels of MDF sheeting to cover the whole wall (formerly dining).

The wall was packed out and one power point removed, you can see the wiring for the power point to the microwave on the other side.

Much cleaner and now uniform.

The strapping was removed and the old fibro left in place and simply covered over.

before (into kitchen)

A new door surround was needed for the doorway between the new bedroom 1 and the new dining room because we changed the door opening around.

His favourite toy.

We have decided to keep the doorway between the new bedrooms, which was the opening between lounge and dining (always handy in case of fire), so Mr CH has made a new door to fit from the pieces of vjs pulled off the walls so far.

Some wood from this spot underneath the old window was used.

Hope to show a bathroom and kitchen update next time, until then enjoy the weekend.

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  1. I love the green you have chosen for the reno cottage's exterior. You should be really proud of what you have achieved so far, it's looking terrific. Builder (finally!) coming to ours on Monday-can't wait to get started.


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