Monday, August 1, 2011

Wicker and flowers.

I haven't done much op-shopping lately, so I was happy to find this table for the veranda. I thought it would make a nice change from the old trunk we have been using. I left another older style one behind at the oppy on the last visit and it was gone when I went back. So after a good scrub down,undercoat and topcoat, I think it will satisfy the "picket fence girl" lurking beneath the surface.

Unfortunately it probably won't look like this for long.(all previously from the opshop)

But will be hidden under the weekly junkmail and probably a few feet as well.

I brought home this little alabaster trinket box also.

I love this kid's room in the August issue of Real Living magazine. Nice bright colours,wall-sized map and curved Kartell bookshelf. Also has some pics of "The Block" houses.

Thanks for all the lovely comments on my last post. For those of you who don't have flowers in the garden at the moment, you can share some of mine. Taken this morning while soaking up some sun instead of doing chores.

Clerodendrum ugandense-blue butterfly bush. I have wanted one of these for a long time.Another abutilon.

Shrimp plant?


Iboza teradenia riparia-misty plume bush.

More salvia.




Self-seeded petunias.

More petunias.

Dirty dog rolled in something stinky, about to get a bath.

Have a lovely week everyone, enjoy this perfect winter weather.


  1. What a perfect little table, I love it!! Did you spray paint it? It looks so fresh and new white and I love your red and white placemat on top too x

  2. Love your finds - and the flowers are just beautiful! I would love one of those butterfly bushes. ;)Sharyne

  3. Love the table, I would have snapped it up too.

    I am jealous of your junk mail, we never get any I strange? Most people would have sign for no junk mail, my sign would be junk mail..haha

    Isn't Real Living magazine great, it the only Australian magazine that I buy occasionally..the Mr doesn't want me to buy it anymore, he said last time it cost him $1300...that was were I saw the sofa for our room..hehe

    We are still without flowers and my gardens like a dead tip..boohoo

  4. My goodness, they look just like butterflies...and shrimps. Cute pup too x

  5. The wicker looks gorgeous, but for goodness sake do not turn it into a junk mail spot. Keep a vase of flowers on it at all times to prevent such atrocities. melx your garden is gorgeous by the way.

  6. I do love that table you bought. Perfect for out on the verandah. xx

  7. Very observant Amanda-old placemat from the oppy and I was going to spray but decided to brush paint instead, took hours but was quite enjoyable. Love Junk mail only at Christmas.

  8. That op shop table was a lucky find. Also you definitely have a green thumb. What a lovely lot of plants!
    Beth x


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