Saturday, August 27, 2011

Caravan-style eating nook.

The little space where the old wood stove once went, has a low positioned window. Which meant the kitchen cupboards couldn't continue along into the space. We thought an open shelf pantry might work, if you didn't mind your food seen or a storage bench along the window wall, however we decided to build a quirky little eating nook with storage underneath.

Mr CH used some Aussie hardwood offcuts that he stripped down and routed the edges for the benchtop edging. He picked timber with a red colouring to contrast with the lighter pine. We bought 3 'Porta Panels" @$60 each and used 2 for the benchtops and 1 for the eating nook including the piece cut from the sink space.We had 10cms left which Mr CH used to test gluing of the edging.

Blanket-box style seats for storing vacuum or Christmas tree etc.

The carpenter hard at work.

Taking shape.

The crew testing out the nook. If you had kids playing in the backyard you have a great spot to enjoy a cuppa while keeping a watchful eye. Mr CH is a clever boy. Doors we are using for the kitchen cupboards are heritage profile in gloss white.

The littlest thinks it's pretty cool!

Benchtops and eating nook have been varnished with polyurethane with a hardener added, paintbrushed on. Three coats to be sure.

Blue masking tape.

A telescopic stay for $20 is our solution for the pantry door/ceiling dilemma.

The gap between the walls and benchtops had been filled with silicon sealer while we decide what we will use for splashbacks.

I'll show what we've done in the bathroom next post, until then enjoy what is left of the weekend. 40+ml rain overnight!


  1. simmone it's looking wonderful! I love the idea of a little eating nook. It will be a wonderful place to sit for so many things, coffee, to read, breakfast,to watch the kids play, to admire the garden......put a birdbath or bird feeder outside and you will be able to watch the birds too. Look forward to seeing more as work progresses. :)

  2. Beautiful benchtops! I love your meals 'nook' - I'd love to be able to do something like that but our place doesn't have scope for it anywhere. How great you've come away with extra storage too x

  3. Love everything about the nook- the picture window, the booth style seating, the storage, heck even the word "nook" is delightful. Tell your hubby he is a legend and it looks schmick. melx

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! My sister and have talked about a little 'booth' like that in a house (thinking it would be a great idea). Can just imagine sitting there with a cup of tea staring out of the window and feeling all cosy.

  5. Your husband is very clever! This nook does have a caravan-y feel. How lovely to feel on holidays every day!
    Beth x


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