Thursday, August 18, 2011

Back on line.

After a few weeks without a fully functioning internet connection, I'm glad it's all fixed. Not that I've missed it as much as I expected. Of course we only discovered the modem was turning on and off at random after we had said we would do the census online!

So what have we been up to? We've had another Birthday for no.3 son, with a Spongebob and Patrick cake. Apparently I made Spongebob's legs too long and didn't get his eyes right (no.2 said) but no.3 son loved his cake. Just as well, it took me long enough.

A sort of under sea look.

Our one and only niece is getting a little sister after Christmas. Which came as a total suprise for everyone as little H is a trache-child (breathes through her neck) and has been from birth after her Mum was exposed to a virus before she was born (while working in a remote community) which caused her lymph glands to go crazy. She can't talk much but is such a happy/funny little chickadee, has been lots of hard work for parents and grandparents. Makes me thankful we have ridiculously healthy kids. Also my favourite Uncle has been placed on life-support because his lungs are finished, such is the up and down nature of life.

Not wasting time on the computer has let me finish a few small projects, like this cane table from the op-shop. We spent a lot of time purging our house of grey walls,ceilings and floors after we moved in so there was no way this could stay grey!

I bought it because I liked the woven top, not very old though.

It had to be green, though I haven't decided where it might go yet

Green and red rambling roses, from a bush from Mr CH's late Pappy, an old variety that strikes well.

Too much rain and then a dry winter had the grass looking pretty gross so I used some bricks we had saved from old garden edging to tidy up the gateway.

before after(a girls job!)

It's straighter than it looks,he-he.
I also finished a little stitching I started about six weeks ago, as I usually do only in winter as an excuse not to get out of bed too early. I find it hard to find oval shapes to use so I traced around a paper mache box.

Colours picked to go with our bathroom cupboard that I found in a country shop years ago.

No.1 daughter has started a new job, Mr CH and the boys helped some relatives move into their first home, a stranger took some photos of bees in the orange trumpet vine for a book about bees, and I have been painting windows(as usual) and I am up to no. 11 and 12 out of 28 windows! I have lots of reno pics to share next time.

Until then enjoy the weekend! Yay!


  1. Hi Simmone, Your cake is crazy good!!! I like SB legs and eyes, he looks pretty good to me. Happy birthday #3.

    Love the table, the green is so fresh. Love your cupboard also!

    Sorry to hear about your Uncle, not good new at all. Thoughts to your family,

    Tam x


  2. The cake is amazing - you've done a wonderful job! And I so adore that cane table, am hunting for something similar. Sorry to hear about your uncle xx

  3. That cake is off the charts superb. The critics are way too harsh. By the way, your orange trumpet vine was also superb, they are the most glorious vine this time of year and yours was a stellar specimen.

  4. your little table looks delicious in green.

    that birthday cake is awesome...I especially like the way you decorated its sides and Sponge Bob's legs look perfect to me.

    your stitching is very pretty and you've done a great job on your path.

    I'd love to snuggle up in front of that roaring fire.

    Have a lovely weekend x

  5. You've done a wonderful job on the cake - looks delicious too :) I love that cupboard!

  6. Love the cake, green table and dresser. You're very talented!
    Beth x


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