Monday, July 18, 2011


When you live in a century-old home digging in the garden is never boring, especially if you are digging a new garden bed. Over the years we have found a variety of objects from car/bike/mower parts, razors, toothbrushes, rusty tools and of course, bits of fibro.

Most old Queenslander homes from the turn of the century to the sixties had a "home dump", a spot in the garden where you buried things that couldn't be burned. Rubbish only went to the town dump if you were lucky enough to own a car. My mum has told me how she used to visit the dump near her home and sit in the dusk light reading Woman's Weekly magazines.

These are a few of the things we have found in our garden over the years.

Bottles, broken crockery and glass in various colours, a dozen bottle stoppers

Pegs and clamps from railway sleepers. Those old aluminium?toothpaste tubes we used as kids that often sprung a leak halfway down the tube. We had a slotted plastic winder that would slip over the end so you could squeeze every bit out and if you were lucky you might get a dash of paint on your toothpaste as well.(yep! showing my age)
Coins, the oldest a 1912 sixpence. A cap from a bottle of Brisbane Bitter beer.

A cute little ceramic jug from a playset from the 1970's,(my neighbour had one that we played with).

And finally a sterling silver and opal ring I found buried in the grass after living here for almost ten years. Rain had washed the dirt away. I believe the opal is what you call "cracked" this is when the temperature or something around the opal fluctuates and causes it to crack and lose the moisture which gives opals their vibrant colour. It's still a pretty purple and blue in the light and no 1 daughter likes to wear it. I sometimes wonder who was upset at losing it, as it looks handcrafted.

Our neighbour once found a sewing machine table base buried in his garden and I have heard of someone burying a car body because they couldn't get it out of the backyard. What is the strangest thing you have found in your garden?


  1. this is a wonderful post...I keep all the burried treasure I find in our garden too, although my haul at this house isn't nearly as impressive as yours...only one glass stopper, some pretty pieces of broken china, a few old pennies, lots of marbles and a few unidentified rusty bits...

  2. Wow, lovely bits and bobs. We have only found a few broken pieces of china and glass. But my sister, only a few blocks away, found a bottle dump in theirs, so they have have some great finds too.

  3. What fantastic treasures,I think they would look fantastic all lined up in shadow box. melx

  4. Wow, with so much stuff discovered it's a wonder you would turn your soil with a trowel and a paintbrush like a archaeologist!

  5. Wow Simmone - I can't get over the wonderful treasures you have found. Guess what - I remember those aluminium toothpaste tubes too! My brothers used to delight in sticking a needle into the middle and watching the white paste squeeze out "like worms"! The only thing I have found here is rocks - huge ones at that. I would love to be digging around at your place! ;)Sharyne

  6. Just saw your comment on my blog and oops sorry and I bet he thinks you are still gorgoeus.I have near on exactly 3 yrs left before I hit that number. 3 years is close right? lol


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