Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Renovation is a dirty word!

Well it will be if TV execs have anything to do with it. I guess I'm just not into soap opera TV.

So instead a quick post to show our flatpack kitchen cupboards (from Bunnings) installed by Mr CH. Choosing what to include in such a tiny space was the challenging part. As our budget is $10 000 for the entire house, the focus is on function instead of frills. The cupboards have been levelled with the aid of those wind-up legs and have been screwed to the walls. Timber stripping is being screwed on top ready for the benchtops.

Kitchen cupboard frames -$912

Cupboard doors-$560



Yes that is a 70's vintage sheet on the floor. Dilemma- pantry size versus ceiling. We can't go any smaller in storage and pantry has been lowered enough.

Bathroom walls getting tiled. Classic white=cheap=good for the budget. New window from our old kitchen=free.

Blogpost-short and sweet.


  1. Is your budget $10 K? Wow. You're making that into a lovely little cottage for someone. xx

  2. Looking great can't wait to see more.

    10K, I think our bathroom alone will cost that much, yikes.

    p.s. I made the string holder from an old spray painters bottle :)

  3. Its looking really great. You are doing so well on a farly tight budget. That's no mean feat. Can't wait until it has finished.
    Pam x

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