Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Miniature things have had me amused for the past week or so. First I was google-ing some miniature dolls houses (as you do). Then a day later I fluked seeing the story on Great South East about the shop House and Doll (owned by Simone from Beach Vintage) which is full of miniature accessories for doll houses. Then a few days later, I read about Bungalowgirl's happy find of a house shaped shadowbox from Paint Me White for her miniature furniture.

All while I was happily giving my house shaped shadowbox a new lick of paint and painting some tiny things to go in it. Funny coincidences?

Unfortunately the drawers were too big to go inside, so I had to find other things to "furnish" the space. I haven't picked up a decorative paintbrush for 4 1/2 years so it was a little strange. Don't know about the bunting though, picture the looks on the male members of the family,"What's that for?"

An oddly sized grouping of bits, a flower basket from my Italian barbie,a red cat found in the garden,a crochet hat brooch from a fete as a child,a glass ornament that was a gift from a childhood neighbour, some tiny tools and bowls that have sat in the craft cupboard for six or so years. I painted little wooden pieces while I was cooking dinner (as you do). Which seemed to cook way too quickly.

If only finishing a room was this simple. Hopefully the dusting is easier. But what do I do with the things that didn't make it inside?

I was very happy to find this vase in my favorite op-shop last week, I think it's plaster/chalkware, it looks and sounds like it. I love it's well worn patina, it's my favorite find so far this year. Tamara from A Treasured Past is showing her wonderful collection of plaster/chalkware now.

So sorry the holidays have finished for another 10 weeks, we got lots of different things done, trees trimmed, mulching started, movies watched (for the price of trips to the cinema we could have bought dozens of movies and watched them in comfortable chairs!)
We have really enjoyed this fantastic winter weather, aren't the winter flowering salvias pretty.

Enjoy the weekend, they say we might get rain.


  1. So cute. It's funny today I saw a really cute picture frame with a little dolls house in it similar to the one you have (just very thin). Lovely.

  2. Oh a new and lovely blog thanks so much for dropping by mine, now I am your newest follower. I shall have some lovely reading later so dont be surprised to see comments from me on old posts xxx

  3. Hi Simone, looking forward to getting stuck into your blog...we are like you...always seem to be (bloody) renovating! Grrrr!
    I love your op-shopped vase and those pretty Salvias too.

    ps thanks for following my blog x

  4. Love your miniatures, that tea set is soooo cute and I LOVE the bunting. My kids are still plotting new room makeovers for the shadowbox, so inspiring and I get to be a big kid and enjoy it too. melx

  5. Hi Simone....that miniature dolls furniture is just the sweetest thing.

    And yes I'm in love with your vase also, it has plenty of character and its design is just incredible.....x


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