Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kitchen benchtops.

This is what we are using for the kitchen bench tops in the Reno Cottage. Porta panels, 1.8mt laminated pine sheets @ $60 each. We are going to leave the bench tops natural instead of staining to give a lightness to such a small space. Mr CH is going to add an edging in Australian mixed hardwood (freebie offcuts) as a contrast and to protect the softer pine edges. Coated by varnish with an added hardener to seal the surface.

The rangehood was a bit of an afterthought for us as we don't have one in our own kitchen (not cooking much wet and greasy foods and having high ceilings). So adding an extra power point and required wiring resulted in some strategic manoeuvring with a piece of pull wire. Range hood covering yet to be decided.

The template for cutting the hole for the sink. We chose a sink with two large bowls as there is no spare room for the dishwasher unfortunately (freebie simpson silencico which we were given for the kitchen)

Plumbing space cut.

Porta panels cut, glued and screwed into place and sink hole cut. The piece cut from the sink area will be used for Mr CH's little plan for the small space under the window. Which he has been plotting and planning from day one.

Who wants to be inside at the moment when our winter weather is so perfect, we have been enjoying watching a few new plants flower for the first time including this-Brazilian red cloak bush.

And enjoying the pyrostegia (orange trumpet plant) along the fence.

Hope the weather is wonderful where you are, enjoy the rest of the week.
Take care.


  1. What a show your orange trumpet plant creates!! I love your choice of kitchen bench tops. I've often thought that if I did our kitchen reno again now, I'd like light coloured wood benchtops. I can't wait to see yours all done, it's all sounding lovely.

  2. Hi Simmone, what a great idea for the bench tops. The kitchen is going to look fab.

    There are no flowers down south, too cold. Your gorgeous garden is making me jealous..haha

  3. The benchtops look great Simmone.It must be great seeing the kitchen come together. Your garden looks so bright and cheery, everything is a bit drab down here at present. Have a great week. :)

  4. I'm always in so much awe when I come and visit here. You guys really are transforming that little place. xx

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