Saturday, July 9, 2011

DIY tiling the bathroom floor and varnishing the kitchen floor.

I've been putting off this post for a while because I find tiling boring. What can I say? I left it all up to Mr CH. After tiling the downstairs of our house a few years ago using 300ml tiles, Mr CH said using smaller tiles(200ml) with 3ml spacers was much easier. He also said that tiles with a bevelled edge gave you more allowance in leveling overall. He laid out the tiles for a dry run to check spacing and we decided that we would rather have a full tile against the bath edge and a partial tile at the doorway. Personal preference, professional tilers would probably have a full tile at the doorway? Mr CH mixed up the tile adhesive in a bucket with one of those oversized beaters on the end of the drill and tried not to tile himself into a corner.

The tiling took two days to lay the full tiles (with a bit of leg/back stretching inbetween) and then he left it to cure for a few days to harden up so he could measure and cut the edges with his wet saw, which is worth buying if you are going to do a room or two.
Left to harden with the spacers in place.
Should I mention Mr CH learnt "how to" via youtube?

So while he was tiling, I was working on the kitchen floor using black putty in the nail holes and black caulking to fill the gaps between the boards. Then giving the floor a sanding with the orbital ready for the first coat of tung oil varnish.

And I have been painting the new quad and door surrounds for the kitchen.

Ready to be varnished.

As the floor had been well soaked with water in the past and the nail

holes had turned black, rather than try to hide the black, we decided to use black as the fillers. If you try to match putty to a mixed hardwood floor it might look obvious.

The first coat is the fun one, where you get to see the real floor colour.

The water damage is mostly in the little nook, which won't be seen by the time we have finished with it.

After the corner was coated we moved "that annoying corner cupboard" into it's spot-finally! The first coat went on beautifully and was left to dry or the required 24hrs. Then as we went to mop on the second coat the first coat started to pull up (showing little lumps)so we had to stop and let it dry again. This has never happened for us before and we think it was either too cold to dry completely or the mop had too much turps left in it? We let the floor dry for a few days and gave it a light sand and mopped on the second coat and it was fine. A third coat has been mopped on and the cupboards have been put in place to be levelled.

It's looking good!


  1. Wow! You guys are doing such a fantastic job. Those floors are going to look fabulous. xx

  2. I am amazed at how much you guys are doing yourselves - very clever!!!! Well done it is looking great. ;-)

  3. Thanks guys, what we lack in style hopefully we make up for in effort.

  4. Hi Simmone,

    You guys are going great guns. The tiling looks perfect. What would we do with the internet these days?? The floors are indeed looking good.

    p.s. let me know if you would like the chalkware ship that you can see in the collection. I will send it up to you. My contact email is on my about me page. Tam x


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