Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Thankful for my lot in life.

I was going to share some reno cottage pictures today but,(I'm feeling melancholy) I have accidentally deleted a few files and it was too late to retrieve them and while I'm not bothered about house pics I think there were a few of the kids goofing around. I started a separate file thinking it would be easier to do a before and after when we finish, but I was getting annoyed because I was exporting the wrong pics and wasting time looking for them, me being rather computer illiterate and all. So I deleted a few, which turned out to be single copies only (peeling,dirty walls start to look the same after a while). And I have been unenthusiastic about taking pics (not that I know what I'm doing on that front either) without our favourite camera lens which has been playing up for months and needs to be sent away for repairs. And also I realised that I had forgotten my blog's 1st anniversary after visiting Dream house for Trish who was lamenting on forgetting hers. So I wasn't going to mention it after considering myself a pretty bad blogger, I mean 1 post a month is not a good way to start. But after managing to set up a blog without Mr CH's help (which was all his idea in the first place) and ignoring the fact I was talking to no-one for a month or two, this anonymous thing might be good for an introvert like me.

However these trivial thoughts were shoved back where they belong this morning while on a walk with Penny dog, I saw a homeless man rolling up his bed and tying it up in a bundle which instantly made me sad for those who don't have a family and thankful for my lot in life. I can't imagine how one would keep his bed safe from theft and dry in the rain and how cold it was this morning and how a very cold front is heading our way.
Ok, enough with the realities of life.
While there is life there is hope.

Support your local op-shops, they know how to help those in need.
This was supposed to be short and sweet, showing a few lovelies that came to live in the crazy cottage this week.

Couldn't resist.

I bet my Mum will be horrified to hear this 1960's mustard cat (she has a green one) only cost me $4.
Clever crochet box 1950/60's.
Gingham and ric rac love. Hello vintage has a gorgeous collection on show here.
Interesting pieces on sale at the op-shop - vintage theatre chairs, probably not very comfortable $170 for 3.
A silky oak dresser maybe missing a mirror?$250

For Christmas last year we were given vouchers for a ride on this!
Not really our cup of tea and trying to get one weekend day where we were all home has been challenging. This needed to be done before the cold weather struck.
You need to be over 12 years old so I volunteered to stay with #3 son and consume chips and ice-creams and slushies and paddle on the shoreline while the others and two willing teenage friends (right up their alley)went for a little boat ride!
Getting the safety drill (after signing their life away).
Off they went excited.
Back they came an hour later exhausted!
One funny thing, you sit on a seat shaped like a saddle because you stand up for most of the time. They had jelly-legs after. Worth a go if you love adrenalin, needless to say the teenagers loved it.

Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by as I learn how to do this thing called blogging. Thanks for the happy comments, much appreciated and thanks in particlular to Beth from Boatshedchic and Tam from A treasured Past for the offer of blog awards, thanks for thinking of my little blog. I enjoy reading other's blogs more than working on my own! Hope I don't bore you senseless with more reno talk in this second year of blogging.
Brrrrr there's a winter chill a comin', enjoy your long weekend.


  1. Hi Simmone, maybe its the weather I seem to have lost my blogging mojo. Hasn't it been cold? We have had a little snow on the mountains and the freezing wind from Antarctica...brrr. I really feel for those who are homeless too, especially in this part of the country, it must be very hard.

    I do enjoy all your posts, especially the reno ones, your hard work really puts us to shame.

    Thanks for the mention :) Happy blogging anniversary, Tam x

    ps the cats are very cute!

  2. Congrats on the blogoversary. I really enjoy your blog as you too are renovating SLOWLY, like mine which creeps along at a snails pace. Keep up the good work.melx. ps love the cats by the way, my grandma had the vivid orange ones.

  3. Hi Simmone. Your very slack blogging friend Sonia here. I'm catching up on your reno and posts now. Exhausted after painting for the day. What a lovely post this was. Glad you didn't go anon. Blogging is a funny journey, but we can all learn and inspire each other. Like you, I feel I get more from other blogs. Congratulations on your anniversary.
    Op shopping is so much fun. It will be interesting to see what I find in Darwin!
    Hope you enjoyed a good weekend. x


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