Saturday, June 25, 2011

Random shots of random things.

A very random post of nothing in particular.

At the moment I am enjoying how bright the rooms are. In winter the sunlight is reflected off the neighbouring houses and the fretwork above the doorways leaves patterns on the walls. A while ago we removed a piece of furniture from under this shelf and looking at this pic makes me wonder if it is too sparse now. I did want a small bookshelf underneath but with no breakables.

Hard to believe these flowers are from the one bush.A random pic of graffiti, some are very clever, much better than mindless tagging. This was only there for a few weeks before it was painted over with lettering so I'm glad I took a pic when I did.Does anyone have one scene that they photograph while practicing composition and techniques? For me it would be this church down the road which I can see as I sit on the veranda. Unfortunately powerlines, aircon pumps,buildings etc more than get in the way. I'm yet to learn photoshop to remove things like that, I am just trying to get photos that aren't blurred.

Rainbow lorikeet enjoying the Fairhill Gold (xanthostemon chrysanthus) in the garden.

The "grown-up's" lounge is looking a little crowded these days.

Mr CH has made himself a prototype cigarbox guitar after he saw them played on Gordon Street Tonight a month or so ago. He watched a few youtube videos and salvaged a pickup from one of those children's books with the sound button and it works so well. So there are lovely blues sounds in the house in the evenings.

Plenty of this in our house at the moment.

In front of this.

Best addition we made to our house shortly after moving in. We are enjoying a cozy little cottage at the moment sitting mesmerised and sometimes enjoying a gooey toasted marshmellow or ten.
Stay warm.


  1. That's a lovely view you have from your verandah. xx

  2. Aren't you lucky to have a view of a church spire? It would remind me of the UK. Your lounge looks cosy, warm and a lot of fun.

    Pam x

  3. I'd love a fireplace. Believe me our cottage could do with one!
    I need a better camera. One day...
    How cool is that cigar box guitar?!

  4. I loved seeing some snippets of your lovely home. We too are enjoying being warm and toasty in front of our 'fire' on these chilly nights x

  5. Hi Simmone, love your random post. The church spire looks amazing with the beautiful rainbow, that is my favourite shot.

    Isn't it funny, I only discovered the cigarbox guitars the other day when goggling around, amazing.

    Your grownup lounge looks just as I like it, inviting and lived in, beautiful.

    Enjoy your week, Tam x

  6. Just discovered your blog - I love it!!

  7. really like that wall shelf with all the pretties hanging underneath. Your spire photos are great- love the one where you see it reflected in our hall picture glass.


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