Saturday, June 11, 2011

Painting bathroom and kitchen walls.

Colours, colours, which to choose?

Yellow for cheer, green and blue for rest, red for warmth and drama. We love colour around here, it makes us happy. With a gazillion colours to choose from, the decision between "warm white" or "cool white" won't be happening for us. I know, I know, white is the "in" tone at the moment and a lot of my favourite interior pics are white but painting the Reno cottage is a chance to try some new/old colours.

We march to the beat of our own drum around here, life is short, it's only paint!

So after my photo deleting dilemma, the bathroom has been instantly undercoated and two coats of Milan by Dulux applied, which is a creamy colour. 1. to keep the bathroom light coloured which gives the appearance of space ( being so tiny) 2.not to seem cold and sterile( in winter) and 3. the cream goes with the ugly(I don't like tiles) floor tiles we've picked.

Below are the floor tiles for the bathroom floor. We've chosen dark tiles because there is something a bit gross about seeing hair and dirt etc. on a bathroom floor in such a tiny space. The tiles are "manhattan cappuchino" by Cotto from bunnings and nice and cheap for the budget at $25 mt. We are using black grout on the floor because nooo-one likes the mould look and you just don't know how well others clean their bathroom.

The colour we've chosen for the kitchen is Aspen Light by Dulux. I love this colour and picked it just after we bought the Reno cottage. The colour is mixed into British Paints Wet areas paint which is a low sheen acrylic with mould inhibiter in it, if I remember rightly (I'm not going out in the dark to check). After all the mould and being such a low ceiling anything is worth a try.

1st coat.

Eeny, meny, miny mo.

Still time for goofing around.

My camera's bigger than yours!

Like the bathroom, the kitchen ceiling has been a pain, painted and peeled and skimcoated and lightly sanded and waiting for painting.

We also bought a door from the demo yard for the ridiculous price of $160 or something. Old doors are not cheap around here because everyone wants them. We cut the doorway first and then we decided "a door would be good" to close off the kitchen and bathroom on winter nights to cut down heating (or cooling) costs. then we had to find a door close in size lol! The house we had to live in, out west a bit, had the kitchen closed off from the hall and the hall closed off from all rooms which was good for heating but I still had to cook in a 45c kitchen in summer, talk about sauna. Even when the govt. put in air-con the rows of louvers in the kitchen let out the cool air so the kitchen had to be closed off. This is such a tiny house hopefully a door will make a difference.

Well thats all I have to say for now, Mr CH is waiting patiently for me to watch "The Tourist" with him.I think we must be the only ones that haven't seen it yet.

Hmm Johnny Depp.


  1. good luck on your renvoations plans, your colour choices are very pretty, it can be fun to decorate and make a place your own style

  2. Johnny come lately is me. I've not yet seen The Tourist. It was worth the dollars for an old door, and good thinking re: being able to close of spaces. So much thought goes into this Reno bizzo!


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