Friday, June 24, 2011

Awnings before and after.

Most old Queenslander style homes have either hoods or slatted awnings. The original pre-fabricated tin hoods came in double or single sizes. The old hoods on the Reno cottage are a bit far gone and while they are fixable Mr CH doesn't want to spend a lot of time cutting and repairing new frills on the rusted hoods. It's quicker to make new awnings. I quite like the old hoods and wished they hadn't been so neglected.

We have decided to give the Reno cottage slatted awnings because we have made them before. As you can see there is plenty of variety out there because they were usually made by the home owners themselves.

Thin slats.

Thick slats.

Curved slats.

No awnings.

Modern awnings.

Slats ready to be assembled.

Dad gave us some roofing off-cuts from a building site he was visiting (with permission). They were in the skip and heading for the dump and there was liquid nails or something spilt on some pieces. There are probably enough pieces for the five awnings and hopefully the front awnings.

Free roofing iron.

Mr CH filing the rough edges.

Big enough so windows can be left open in the rain and to protect the sills from rot.

Lets just say installing awnings is no walk in the park.

After(almost) Before
Enjoy the weekend we are on school holidays.

Oops, I had to add that the flashing still needs to be added above the awnings and that the fascia will be painted white or oxblood.


  1. Fantastic, they look great. That is just one of the many tasks still on our never ending list. Nice job! ;-)

  2. Ooohhh, I missed your post. I don't know why sometimes it doesn't show up until later??Another one of bloggers mysteries.

    The new hoods look great, but I do love the old ones, please tell me you are not going to throw them away??

    We have another week (New South) before holidays begin. I can't believe they have some around so soon, can you??

    Enjoy whatever you have planned, Tam x

  3. Mr CH has time off(sort of) so it's more reno work for us.Excuse my reposting, sometimes I forget the simple things while trying to keep it short and sweet.

  4. Great job - your awnings look fabulous. Such a shame about the old ones. Enjoy the holidays! ;)Sharyne

  5. I so love your house! Shame about the old awnings but the new ones look fabulous too!We have another week's grace in Victoria before school holidays begin.Don't forget to take a little time out for some fun. :)

  6. Excellent awnings; what a huge improvement! I love that you created them with free materials. Great recycling. Your cottage is looking fantastic. Love the before and after shots!

  7. You guys are just so impressive! You do everything by yourselves.

    We still have to put our hoods up but our trestles aren't high enough. We will have to hire some but we are going to wait until Jason is ready to paint that side of the house so we can do the two jobs at the same time. xx

  8. I'm so thankful this is a lowset house,putting awnings up on our house was scary. A tip is to use a nailgun to give some extra holding power for me while Mr CH drilled and screwed them in place(while using a ladder and tressles)

  9. WOW. The outcome is great. The awnings looks really good. Job well done. Keep it up.


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