Monday, May 30, 2011

Last day of Autumn.

So tomorrow is the first day of winter here in Oz, the months are just speeding by and apart from a few chilly weeks the weather has been so mild. The summer flowers are almost finished and winter colour is starting to appear. Some pics from the garden this morning - Aspasia MacArthur a lovely old style camellia with varying flower colours on the same bush.

The Chrysanthemums are almost finished, they were one of the few original flowers here when we moved in. Opening a deep amber colour and fading to a golden yellow. Not a common colour nowdays.

This is how the fuschia salvia is looking at the moment, it has had mutiple

prunings and still manages 6ft. (not a good photo)

The bathroom in the reno cottage has had the cement sheeting attached and the joins meshed with some webbing? I can't remember what it's called. I think fiberglass?

Mr CH doing the two-step.

The bathroom ceiling has proved to be a real pain in the neck. If you remember, we used Preplock paint to help seal the ceiling from moisture because it is such a tiny room with limited ventilation. This paint seems to fuse itself onto the existing layer of paint, which is fine but regardless of how well the celing is sugar soaped, rinsed and allowed to dry, if that coat of paint was painted over a dirty ceiling it's not going to work. So after a coat of Preplock the ceiling bubbled over the next few days and when peeled off exposed the dirty ceiling underneath. And being made of old fibro the choices were to peel, clean, skimcoat and re-apply prelock or install a false ceiling. We chose the first.
Mr CH patched and painted a few times until it no longer bubbled, if it looks too gross we will add a new ceiling. The ceiling has had 2 coats of white gloss in this pic.

Getting ready to undercoat.

In other news, this was Lily cat in the morning sitting in the bathroom, grooming herself and enjoying the sunshine. Little did she know she was about to go to the dentist for her yearly teeth clean.

Later that afternoon she looked like this!

Ouch!!! $400 later.

She's a cross-eyed girl but this is ridiculous.

She needed a few teeth out, being a dainty eater and not the chewy type and getting on in age. Medicine for conjunctivitis has also caused some damage to her teeth. I lit the fire and slept beside it with her and she's a happy girl again sleeping in her pod, enjoying the sunshine and talking as much as usual..

Speaking of sunshine, get out in it!

Spoilt rotten we are!


  1. Thankyou so much for your kind wishes on my birthday, Have a lovely week xx

  2. Things are progressing well with your reno. Can't wait to see the final product!
    Beth x

  3. Good progress on the house front. Her pod is sooo cute! I think I would like a human sized pod it looks so comfy. Isn't today just glorious!! cheers Katherine

  4. Hi Simmone..bathrooms in old houses can be a real pain! Your renovations are making an enormous difference and are looking good. I hope puss recovers well.


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