Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hello again!

Wow!, 2 1/2 weeks without using a computer has been a little strange. Two out of three computers decided to "chuck a spaz" at the same time, but after Mr CH had wiped and re-built one and it still wasn't co-operating we thought that a new computer was inevitable. Apparently blogger was having troubles and we have just had a speed upgrade and the local server was down for a few days - poor Mr CH, he spat a few chips when he couldn't work out what was wrong. But it's all good now, I missed visiting all the wonderful blogs but I got lots of work done. I just have a 3 week reading list to catch-up on, so if your stats show someone stitting on your blog it might be me!!!What have we been up to? lots at the reno cottage. Mr CH had a week off over Easter and we painted and painted. We've joined in with everyone else in the neighbourhood and started planting vege seedlings. It seems we are all renovating and gardening at the moment and thank goodness the grass has stopped growing.

But I said last post that I would show a few of the things I brought home from the shed. Nothing big or fancy just a few things to clutter-up home sweet home.

A vintage chenille bedspread in the loveliest shade of blue came home with us. Slightly worn in two small spots but really in excellent nic.

What I really want is this, can you tell what it is?- a cast iron bathtub, not one with a roll-top but I can see the advantages of a flat edge-somewhere to put candles,a glass/cuppa,book etc. However the bathroom is not on the to-do list, so thoughts of floor weight issues can wait and it might come home another time, I wonder if the family would mind if I left it "rustic"?

The remnants of a Hostess dinner set, ornamin ware, orphan saucers from Japan and Czechoslovakia(yep I had to look that one up) and an English juicer.

A vintage sugar and cream set.

A forty year old bottle of port bought for the princely sum of $1.89.

To get the other stuff you have to get a dud score and this would be it, a souvenir cup from a family holiday to Binna Burra mountain lodge bringing back memories of walking the "blind trail",a ropes course and a very interesting presentation on the joys of fungi!

A strange hand woven basket from the 1960's (what am I going to do with this! kinda thing)

All that remains of a 1960's?vintage coffee set.

A set of six cup and saucers from 1973.

A handmade wax candle holder that looks lovely glowing at night. The super-ugly (formerly) sideboard has new handles thanks to ebay. Mr CH isn't sure if he likes these.

And My Grandfathers trunk that came to Australia carrying all his wordly possessions from Carlisle, England in 1922. Made by Joseph W Morton ironmongers , a 19th century ironmonger from Louth Ireland who is getting a pub named after him,apparently.
I'm still on the hunt for an old birdhouse I know is in that shed somewhere. That wasn't too much, only because we went there for firewood not "stuff".

And no.1 son bought flowers (and a vase) for his Mum on Mother's Day. A lovely bunch of liliums.

Maybe he was trying to make-up for coming home with THIS!!!!!

And he's my good, quiet, no trouble at all child! Having been given a beep beep barina from a distant relative and adding the all essential accessories a teenager needs and suffering his parents through 100 hours!! of instruction he is now a P plater!
Installing a CD player. Look out world here comes another teenager!
Have a great weekend everyone, the weather is just gorgeous.


  1. So many treasures from the shed! I like it all. The chenille bedspread looks great!

    And I wouldn't worry too much about piercings. They're better than tattoos as they can heal over if ever he's over that phase. A tatt is forever...

  2. Love the chenille, gorgeous colour that would be very complimentary to your cat. Love the colours of the hostess set too. My hubby had an earring and a belly button piercing when I met him and he was an extremely decent boy who came to his senses and decided to leave them out not long after we met. Mel:)

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog. You're so lucky to have all these gems that have been saved by your family. Love the canisters.
    Beth xx


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