Sunday, April 3, 2011

Renovation cottage - new walls...

for the kitchen and bathroom of the reno cottage at least. We have decided to use pine VJ lining boards this time around. When we (Mr CH) built an extension to our house we used tongue and groove VJ MDF sheets specially ordered for our 11 ft ceilings and perfect for the impatient renovator but after a bad experience with a leaking window which swelled the wall, we thought it might not be good for wet areas. We're using the boards on the small groove side.

The bath is finally in place after going in and out for various fittings. Mr CH has been a busy boy cutting and nailing boards up.


In true Mr CH style we don't finish one room before we start another.

Boards nailed over existing fibro in kitchen.

Those little rollers are perfect for quick painting in a doorway everyone keeps walking through.

Kitchen nook boarded and yes I am enjoying using two clotheslines despite the precarious lean on this one.

The soon to be boarded-up doorway to kitchen.

Don't my windows look so excellent and they've only taken a few months to finish. I haven't got a clear before photo to show for comparison but they were truly disgusting and we still have not so fond memories of looking down from our bathroom at the dead mouse hanging in the net curtain as we cleaned our teeth every morning for months.

We moved the bathroom window to the kitchen because one window was too far gone to repair properly. And the bathroom will get a bubble glass window that was removed from our old kitchen.

Bathroom almost finished.

One list and a trip to the hardware shop and we came home a little lighter -$800 lighter in fact.

Mmmm with $800 I could have bought.... something more fun than these.

Apparently Mr CH is going to tile the bathroom walls - himself!

Which he's never done before.


  1. $800 doesn't go that far when you're in reno mode... You seem to making good steady progress. Mr CH is brave to do tiling. I'm sure he'll be good at it. xx

  2. The pine boards give a great effect. You have been busy! G

  3. Some great progress shots. Good luck with the tiling, can't be that hard, surely?

  4. Wow, your progress puts us to shame. It took us 3 years or more to do our kitchen which isn't finished yet and probably looks as though it was never started. We have used all free standing pieces like in the Edwardian times.the ceiling still has bits hanging from it, our visitors must be shocked but we are used to it, so we don't notice it. After our holiday we are going to redo the bathroom, but i think we will hire somebody this time,
    Love the walls, tam.

  5. It's really coming together now. It's amazing how much work goes into just one room. I can't tell you the amount of times I've spent renovation $$ and then naturally converted them into holiday $$... where I could be going... I relate!! :)

  6. Mr CH has been nailing a few boards here and there after work etc.but now he's decided to go kitesurfing on the way home from work which makes for a long day.We sleep soundly around here.

  7. The house is looking good! I can't wait to see it finished! Enjoy the gorgeous day, Kellie xx


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