Friday, April 8, 2011

A Rattus by any other name...

While everyone else is showing lovely interior shots, beautiful cushions, flowers and the like I thought I would show you these um, "inspiring" pics.

What's that saying - renovation is not for the faint-hearted! These are a few pics to show how slowly the renovation process is. Mr CH began this part of the reno cottage months and months ago and due to the inordinate amount of rain/flooding we have experienced lately, it became one of those jobs left, but always on your mind and has only recently been finished (sort of).

A leaking gutter and drain has, over time caused wood rot in a number of weatherboards. When the house was re-stumped at some stage, the people put the new stumps too far out from the wall edge, which has allowed rain to sit on top of the stump cap and soak into the wood - causing the rot. Mr CH will run a bead of silicon along the edges to hopefully prevent water from soaking in. One of those regular maintainence checks.

Mr CH decided to cut and patch the rotten boards with some boards kept from our old house renovations and some new treated pine ones.

Leaking gutter above this point has caused this (below).

Looks worse than it is. All fixable says Mr CH. These posts have enough good wood on the other side to do the job. They have been cleaned out and pumped with a bit of wood hardener ( glorified pva glue) and will be braced on the other side with metal brackets. Some wedges have been hammered under to elevate the beam slightly as well.

Looking good! The new patchwork wall with the new treated pine weatherboards on the bottom row to help prevent rot. A new veranda ledge has been added on top as well as the old one was too far gone.

Mr CH missed one thing while putting those new boards on.

It took a bit of effort but I wasn't going to leave it there!

One petrified rattus which I pulled in half trying to remove ( I've already eaten my breakfast).

Look at those teeth!

Should I mention (domestic) rats make wonderful pets.They are so affectionate and good fun for kids. Our darling rats Oscar and Otis (RIP) of the dove-hooded-down-under type. We got three years of love from them and would happily have more if we didn't have a dog now.

Can you tell they're boys?

Hope everyone has a fun weekend, the rain is trying to clear up.


  1. Renovating is such hard work and can get overwhelmingly frustrating and a little depressing at times. It looks like Mr CH has it all well in hand and I am sure it will be well worth the wait in the long run.I admire your adventurous spirit in renovating TWO cottages!

    Loved the rattus story and your pets looked lovely too even though rats are not my thing.(I know they make lovely pets)Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend. :)

  2. Looks like some good steady progress being made with all the boring ie not pretty jobs. Very cute pet rats, our neighbours kids have mice and they are super cute. The dessicated rat, well, all in a renovators days work really.

  3. It's dirty work this renovating game. That dead rat is gross. Ha! Love how you are keeping it real though. xx

  4.'re absolutely correct with renovation not for the faint of heart :) But I do think it puts extra heart in to the home.......and I must say I am in with love your view from the hallway xo

  5. Hi Simmone,

    I have passed you the 'Kreativ Blogger' award (second last post) if you would like to take it,

    Have a lovely weekend, Tam x


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