Friday, April 29, 2011

Inside "THE SHED"!!!!

It seems my Gypsy Sister has discovered my blog (well there goes the neighbourhood!) and thinks it would be a great way for relatives to catch up on the goings on!


I have managed to keep it friend/relative free so far, because you never know, I may just want to talk about them. So sister, I may just have to bring out the big guns (this should change your mind) you wouldn't want the rellies to see inside -THE SHED!!!!

But before I show and tell, I'll show you the pretty flowers from my Mum's garden. From all the potted chrysanthemums I've given my Mum for Mother's Day over the years these are the only kind to have survived.

Growing well around an elderberry tree.

OK, this is in THE SHED.One of three on their farm.

A temporary abode for my parents while they decided what and where on their property they would build their new home. It has become a store (junk) house for things most normal people would get rid of.
Wardrobes, suitcases, clocks, frames,books, tools etc all covered by a not so thin layer of dust. How is it my Mum kept baby things and threw away my perfectly good '80's walkman?

My mum's childhood piano (which needs a tune but no-one can move it)

An antique velvet-lined tea chest from England.

A few tins and a silver inkpot with a glass bottle inside. I wonder what "special nosegay" was?

A housekeeping budget tin from England.

Not something I would've kept.Mementos from a well travelled family.

Baby things and furniture waiting for a make-over.( a scary suitcase)

One of two vintage steel cots this one wound with strips of cream coloured plastic.

My Nanna's kitchen cabinet holding a couple of retro cup and plate sets, old milk bottles with foil lids, baby bottles, jugs, salt and peppers etc. A couple of hundred year old silver trophies from my Dad's family sitting on top.

Vintage spice canisters.

Nanna's teapots and enamel cooking dishes.

Her old set of cutlery, which I remember her polishing.

Some weird pot planters from the family nursery in England, bought by Mum and Dad in 1973!

I'd have this pot stand.

One of two dressing tables.

I was told this will only get finished if I do it.

Octagonal table that I would have left orange!

An old bike we had as kids. It's now lost a pedal and a rubber tyre ring.

The kids got their ANZAC education and a thrill holding a cannon? shell, my Grandfather brought back from the war and they had a look at his first-aid bag from 1942.

The kids also tried to call for help a la aliens in the attic style. And decided they wouldn't want to be in a hurry!

So Gypsy Sister, would you want the relatives/friends to see the skeletons in the closet?
Just think, this is our inheritance!
So, did I come home empty-handed - NEVER!!!!!
I might show next time until then - see ya.


  1. Oh Dear! Perhaps you could start a new blog just for family? I would find it a constraint to know I had family peeking at my blog.Not that I have written anything untoward there...yet....but I might want to at some point lol.
    Simmone how lucky you are to have such a wonderful treasure trove of family heirlooms/memories.
    I just love that wonderful hexagonal table! You will finish it won't you? The little tricycle is awesome. They don't make them like that anymore I suspect! Have a wonderful weekend. :)

  2. Wow...that is a SHED!! Everything is wonderful needs to be freed from the shed I hope you brought home heaps. My relatives read my blog..sometimes good, sometimes annoying ha, cheers Katherine xx

  3. Oh! Oh! Oh!

    I am so glad you found me.

    I've had a good peruse through your blog and it's wonderful. All that reno work, curb side finds and vintage goodies.

    I'll be dropping by regularly.


  4. Ha! That shed is a treasure trove. It looks like the stuff my parents have hoarded under their house. Too much stuff!

    So, did you work out what nosegay was?

  5. So many treasures there, wow! And what gorgeous flowers.

  6. I was a bit worried about googling nosegay! but apparently it seems to be tobacco or a posy of flowers is also called that.I thought it might have been smelling salts or something.


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