Friday, April 22, 2011

Goodbye curb-side clean-up.

This is my one and only curbside find (if you don't count the two windows from our neighbours permanent "free" pile).

So just when I've decided that if I'm caught by car headlights carting a couch, table etc. down the street that I can handle the mortification of feeling like a thief, our local council (in their infinite wisdom) have decided not to spend the $1000 000 cost picking up rubbish for people who "should be accountable for their own waste". How un -Australian. Many would argue that one man's trash is another man's treasure. We have used this service once - recently (and sorry to the poor person who had to handle the old toilet from the reno cottage next-door). We were woken up one night by someone scavenging the metal pipes in our pile and listened to them driving across town in the stillness of the night. The blogging world is proof of the thriftiness of re-using perfectly ( and not so) good items again.

Imagine the look on Mr CH's face when I said I wanted this!

Sitting in the rain it's chipboard top fell apart easily. I thought it might make a suitable hall table, something not too precious(new) that I could give a coat of bright paint, but it was bigger than I expected - which was why I needed Mr CH.

Surprisingly sturdy it was a tiny desk with a missing drawer, so the support was pulled off and nailed on one side to even it up and I sanded it all over. Mr CH used some vj boards from the house next-door for the new top and I puttied and sanded the nail holes.

Haven't decided yet if I will give it a clear coat or paint it.

So would you have picked it up?


  1. I love it Simmone! We don't get the opportunity to pick up lovely finds like this in my neighbourhood. Our council doesn't do hard rubbish collections either.They prefer to collect the goodies (which I believe are sometimes sold in their shop at the rubbish collection centre) and charge people for disposing of their waste.I guess someone has to pay but it sure spoils the fun of finding and recycling something off the streets. Hope you are having a wonderful Easter. :)

  2. Great job! Love the fan in the corner - gorgeous!

  3. I so would have not picked that up- the chipboard would have put me off- but how fantastic does it look now. You have great vision. My recent find was not even part of a council cleanup- the house where I found it seems to just put things out every week or so and they disappear! It is on my school run so I had already missed an awesome wooden toy garage before we went back for the fishtank shelf thingy. I think you should boycott your council and arrange a "lets all put our crap out on the footpath on a certain date" and whatever isn't scavenged that week gets taken to the dump. Mel.

  4. Great transformation! I probably wouldn't have picked it up seeing the top photo, but would definitely if I had seen the last.

    Have a good Easter, Tam x

  5. Eggcellent transformation! Well done, looks fantastic, cheers Katherine

  6. Absolutely! Well done Simmone on such a fabulous pick up. I love it just as it is. ;)Sharyne


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