Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Seashell cake and Vintage Chic.

Our one and only daughter celebrated her birthday this week and as it was a mid-week birthday it was going to be just us for cake cutting. This girl never comes home from the beach emptyhanded and has more shells in her room than anything else. So I thought I would make the beachgirl a beach cake. As I've pretty much used up every suitable cake idea from my poor old Women's weekly kid's cake book and my kids have outgrown boats,teddybears and spaceships(and Mum has lost enthusiasm after years of trying to create four masterpieces a year) you have to look elsewhere for inspiration, after all, everything has been done before right?

Well I'm not going to show the pics from the www. that inspired me after all they were wedding/50th/professional and double layered. So I'm just going to say that it looks beach-ish! Son #2 helped me make the chocolate shells and seahorses with some white chocolate and powdered chocolate colourings. We ran out of brown chocolate because he ate too much. The white spikey things are supposed to be coral and the sand was crunched up biscuits which behaved like sand and went where you didn't want it to. I coloured some of the fluffy frosting blue for waves of course,a few cashous and one attempted clam shell on top and after the effort making the shells we were going to use them all! Grandparents turned up and daughter was pretty happy.

I think every Mum has this book but just incase, the recipe for fluffy frosting is below.

The latest issue of my Mum's favourite magazine has a story on Vintage chic which I kinda like. Lovely rooms from a Melbourne home decorated with pre-loved furniture some of which has been re-vamped by the owner and her husband.

There's something about older furniture that makes it so easy to live with. The chandeliers in the outdoor eating area were bought for $100 each.

Bit partial to mis-matched chairs myself. I like the way she uses lots of different colours in each room. Fabrics that you can change when you want to.Life's too short to be too serious with home decor. The web site has more pictures that don't appear in the magazine if you're interested in the look.

Well, we've got lots of renovating to do next-door this weekend and another three birthdays in April.

Work hard, sleep well?


  1. Oohh, I love that cake, its fabulous!

    I don't normally buy that magazine, but the pictures this months are very interesting..Off to check out the website too...

    have a good one, Tam x

  2. Hi Simmone. I have just come over to your blog from a fellow blogger's recommendation. I love the birthday cake and I too have a copy of that book. It comes out every year for junior's birthday - an oldy but a goody! I look forward to reading more of your adventures. Ange

  3. The cake is amazing Simmone and the icing is just so fluffy! I knew that book inside out when my kids were young and I think I made just about every cake in it. Can't wait to check out the vintage chic article. I am big fan of pre loved furniture. I laughed at your comment about my joy at finding my fabulous outdoor setting. It's amazing just how much strength you find when faced with the prospect of someone changing their mind. I wasn't going to stick around too long - just in case! Thanks for visiting today. I'm going to have a look now at what you have been up to. ;)Sharyne


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