Saturday, March 19, 2011

Recycled pencil holders.

Living in a house with only one built-in cupboard, space saving storage is always welcome. Recycle your fruit/salad tins so that pencils are always sharp and visible.

Remove the label and glue in one go if you can (eucalytus oil if you can't) and wash and dry if you want to.
Enamel spray paint from auto-parts shop (supacheap auto), four cans for $10 special. Make sure you get a can of grey undercoat.

The insides of the cans are nicely coated so turn and spray with undercoat.

The paint is quick drying. Topcoat with choice of colour, if I didn't have boys I could have pink and purple.

Cut out some felt circles for the inside using the base as template, I used two per can to stop the noisey clunks as pencils drop in.

Might be a fun project for kids to decorate with pipecleaners, glitter, pom-poms, beads,foam shapes etc.
Rainy day time waster.


  1. What a great idea! I was in fact looking for this brilliant idea about a week ago but had not discovered your blog then. Instead my kids have been loaned a set of vintage canisters for this exact purpose. Be nice to get them back before they get trashed though. We are also slowly planning to renovate our California Bungalow- thankfully she has more storage than 1 built in cupboard thanks to the previous owners who put built ins in every room. Does force one to de clutter and not hoard though doesn't it? I have really enjoyed reading all your posts - I am over at if you need to bond with someone else living with little issues like feature laundries within living rooms......

  2. Simmone, they look fancy for a tin can. You make me feel like spray painting! xx

  3. Takes 5 mins.I have to hide the spraycans from the scooter boys in the empty fridge in the laundry or they'd disappear.Too easy to use.

  4. These are excellent!! Fantastic recycling and free.


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