Sunday, March 6, 2011

Old stuff -eye candy.

On saturday morning I left Mr CH fitting the new skirting boards to our bedroom and took the "Terrible Teenagers" to the antique and collectable fair. I was quite suprised they actually wanted to go. Daughter was after some vintage bottles and #3 son wanted to look at the collectable cars and such. Hopes for them yet. Gordon Brown from ABC's "Collectors" was there as a stallholder raising money for an animal care group.He was surrounded by ladies captivated by his every word, charming and knowledgeable.
Ok the photos are dodgy but you get the idea, for me there is always something embarrassing about taking photos in public, so it's a case of shoot and forget about the focusing.
Corning ware love.
China and a vintage popeye on a motorbike ($300). Dinky and Tonka.

Daughter wouldn't have the big "man doll".
This beautiful rocking horse was sold by 8:15am.

Lovely vintage typewriter(with a not so lovely price tag) and cute child's chair for $13.

Vintage clothing is always displayed beautifully.

Lots of linens and doileys.

Had to show #2 son "old school" skateboards.

Vintage gowns and wedding dresses in a pile on the floor?

Daughter was happy at the bottle stall, as were lots of other ladies.

Too lovely for a little girl- georgian? dollshouse complete with wallpaper and dados.

The more I see of these Napco vases the more I like them esp. the "sweeteen", don't understand the difference between this one ($275) and the vintage ones from U.S at $5-$35?

Son #3 bought himself a few things and daughter came home with her booty of bottles, both said they would go again. Amazed me! After poo-pooing Mum's "old stuff".

Me, well I was very restrained- something to do with those rates and water/sewerage bills x 2 that came in the mail! Still I thought the fan(with a little rust) and the vintage footstool were my favorite finds. Daughter couldn't believe I wanted the stool, said I would get tinea or something!

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  1. Love the stool (great colour) and always love a vintage fan!


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