Friday, March 18, 2011

More demolishing!

Some of the kitchen walls in the reno cottage have had to be removed.They were a strange mix of different materials used as new powerpoints, lightswitches, etc. were installed by different owners.

How to patch a giant hole in a wall? Not very well! One leftover beer carton and some plaster.

Note the thickness and oh so smooth finish.

Kitchen view into bathroom.

Start of some electrical wiring in place. The doorway getting studed as well.

Bit more wiring. Bored yet? I am.

Mmmm, cooties hiding inside house walls. I had to wash that.

Old combustion stove recess boarded up by a previous owner, using recycled VJ boards.

So if the old ceiling is asbestos and still intact where is the rest of the asbestos walling?
Probably here!

Outside there is a step adjoining the laundry slab and once you have removed all the weeds you can see a little surprise.

Not only has the fibro been used as formwork for the concrete, but buried under the concrete is what appears to be the unaccounted for fibro. A potential problem for generations down the track, common in many old homes.

Outside is looking much better down the side yard after regular mowing and much removal of weeds. Although the block is only a moderate size it's still larger than most modern house blocks, and our family is enjoying having a double block to run loose on.

Not much fun to mow in summer heat though!

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